Thinking Out of the Box to Launch Out of the Box Fun for Children!

14th September 2021

Lidya first heard about Work Avenue through a friend. She says,

“I am so glad my friend mentioned Work Avenue to me because it has been such a huge support and helpful on the employment and business fronts! I have joined workshops on CV writing, networking, and interview skills, and business and financial planning; I’ve used both sides of the Work Avenue coin towards becoming financially independent!

The group workshops and webinars are great. In addition to learning new skills and expanding knowledge, they provide a nice and friendly chance to network. The business advisers, Kim and Jo, encourage active participation from everyone, and they gave us all a chance to contribute. I have subsequently used some of what was taught.

Our business is called OUT OF THE BOX FUN – My business partner, Suzi Levi Mizrahi, a developmental psychologist and play therapist, and I design and sell activity boxes for children aged 2-6 that enhance the child and parent/carer connection.

We launched our business in September 2019, just before the first lockdown. Jo’s guidance was so timely and crucial, especially during this difficult and unexpected period for new businesses like ours.

Our one to one sessions with Jo also give us a valuable opportunity to explore issues that are pertinent to our business. In Jo, we have access to a genuine sales expert and a neutral soundboard, whose advice we trust. Together we have come up with some creative ideas to grow the business. Fortunately, and with a lot of hard work, we are emerging from the recent economic uncertainty in good shape. Through networking, Jo put us in touch with some local nurseries, which is exactly the right market for us.

Jo also underscored the importance of a strong online presence, especially during the pandemic and days of remote working. We have an active Facebook page and have developed many potential new connections and opportunities via Instagram.

It is an exciting time for OUT OF THE BOX FUN. We launched new activity boxes for young travellers and diners to keep them absorbed, stimulated, and entertained. I am grateful to Jo that she is there guiding and supporting us on our business journey. For this reason, I absolutely recommend Work Avenue to anyone thinking, developing or expanding a business.”