Nicole – director of Lumina Learning and co-founder of The Growth Project

25th September 2020

Nicole Sorrell is a director of Lumina Learning and co-founder of The Growth Project. She integrates dynamic digital technology with depth psychology to help leaders fulfil their potential through leadership programmes and coaching.

Nicole lived in South Africa for 20 years where she built two successful businesses through word-of-mouth. On returning to London, her challenge was to start from the beginning without her strong network.

She sought advice from Work Avenue’s business adviser Joanna Sadie, who was quickly able to assess that in order to create success in the current climate Nicole needed to adapt her preferred business approach – which focused on building one-to-one relationships and providing complimentary workshops and coaching.

Nicole said: “Joanna’s business competence and wonderful style of being both direct and supportive, enabled me to introduce a more formal sales and marketing process. My initial scepticism that this wasn’t for me has been transformed as I now enjoy the grounded structure and results it provides.

“I am extremely grateful to the generous support Work Avenue provides. Our community is privileged for this gift – thank you! May you all be blessed for a wonderful year ahead. Go gently!”

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