How to make the most out of networking events

25th January 2018

Networking is an essential route to achieving success as a start-up. Not only will you meet industry leaders as well as investors and different businesses, you will also get the chance to build your brand awareness for a variety of different people. Additionally, and most importantly, you could also meet potential new clients and team members, while discovering fresh and exciting opportunities. In order to make the most from your networking experiences (because networking should never be a one off event), there are some handy tips to follow below.

Can you help?
Networking is about being genuine and authentic. You’re the product and the business, and you are the chance to give a clear insight into who is running your business. You are trying to build trust and relationships. Demonstrating knowledge and enthusiasm is vital, and always remember that while you have attended the event to build your connections and potential clients, you’re also there because others can benefit from your business. Try to consider how you can help others at the same time as how others can help you.

Keep it open
When conversing at a networking event, ask open-ended questions to broaden the discussion and show listeners that you’re interested in them and their business. This is also the best way to understand if and how you will be able to work with the listener in future.

Know your business
Go into the event with a clear answer as to what you do and why, and what makes your business special and different from competitors. If you’re going in to the event looking for referrals and customers, you need to be able to clearly articulate what you do and what you’re looking for so that others can help you. This way, you won’t be thrown off-guard when you’re asked “How can I help you?” by someone else.

Follow up
Too many leads are lost from a lack of communication. It doesn’t take long to follow up after an event; calling those you met who may benefit from what you do, or who you can benefit from. A courtesy call while you’re fresh in their minds to say that you enjoyed meeting the person and that you’d like to book in a get together shows passion and professionalism, not only for your company, but for your brand too.