Benny – Business Owner, Risk Reports, Health and Safety Consultant

13th February 2020

In 2012, my diamond trading business closed, another victim of the fall out of the Lehman banking crisis and general economic downturn. I was 42, married with 4 children and without a source of income. I decided then and there that I couldn’t and wouldn’t sit around, feeling angry and upset; instead I needed to start again. I went back to school and requalified as a health and safety consultant. I went 100% into my new business, Risk Reports.

I worked from home for a year. It was hard and lonely, and I felt I really wanted to be amongst people. I started working out of coffee shops, but it was not the environment I wanted. Then a friend told me about Work Avenue. From day one I knew I had found a place where I can work from. Work Avenue is not just a place to hot-desk; it is so much more than that. It is an active community. The attention and dedication of the staff in wanting to help is second to none! To be able to work in a space where people share the same goals…wanting to succeed!

I came to Work Avenue as a ‘one-man band’. Today we are a company of 6 people. This is down to the tremendous support and guidance given to me by the amazing Work Avenue team!!