Barry – Business Client

7th March 2021

I am a citizen of three countries! I was born in the UK, moved to South Africa is the mid 60s, from there I went to Australia in 2006 before returning to the UK in 2011 in my late 60s in order to help my daughter when she became a mother.

My professional career has been varied, but I am lucky as I have always have always pursued my passions when working. I opened a chain of beauty and hair salons in South Africa, before branching out into property and retail. When we moved to Australia, I became a dog walker and trainer, a natural development given that I come from a family of animal lovers.

I really enjoy talking to people and have great communication skills so when we moved back to the UK I began some marketing ventures. And that’s how I came to Work Avenue. A friend, who had enjoyed a really positive and helpful experience with Work Avenue, recommended that I approach the charity. So I did.

I have had some one-to-one sessions with my business adviser, Jo Sadie, who is helping me to develop a brand, Mr Time Clock Shop. I have already registered the name. Mr Time Clock Shop is a children’s story book to teach young and old the joy and value of time. I commissioned an illustrator before self-publishing my book and am now seeking to build on that by establishing a relationship with a publisher.

Jo has given me some great practical advice on finance and marketing, as well as how to navigate social media, which is a pretty new area for me. Thanks to her suggestion, I uploaded a musical clip on YouTube. My grandchildren sing on my video and that gives me immense happiness.

I have also joined some of Work Avenue’s training webinars, which have impressed me thanks to their high quality and varied and interesting content. What I especially like is the way Work Avenue harnesses the power of networking. In particular, Jo divides us into smaller, interactive groups so that even over Zoom, delegates still have the power to meet each other so that we can swap ideas or make introductions that may open doors.

How would I describe Work Avenue in three words? It’s a must!!! The advice and webinar training they give is always high quality and ever so helpful.