Go Banana, the marketplace for building supplies, enters the world of crowdfunding

9th May 2017

Work Avenue’s fundamental objective is to help people make a sustainable living. We do this in two ways; either through creating employment, or building business. Over the past 10 years, we have worked with and incubated over 300 businesses, to help them become more profitable and successful. We are delighted to announce that one of the companies we have worked closely with, Go Banana has been accepted to Seedrs, a leading equity crowdfunding platform.

Shraga Zaltzman, CEO, “I met Rami (Go Banana founder) in December 2015 when we were interviewing companies for our new shared workspace, WE Hub. It is really exciting to see how an idea in a power point presentation can be brought to life in just a short period of time. Our team has worked closely with Go Banana to help them achieve their goals. We are delighted to see how far they have come.”

Go Banana is the EU’s first marketplace for comparing building supplies and one of the first of its kind worldwide (there are only 3 in India and a small one in the US). The online platform currently lists more than 100,000 products (and growing), allowing builders, tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts to purchase supplies quickly and efficiently at the “best possible price”. The site creates a live shopping list to show the best results, meaning users could save between 20% and 35% on every purchase, according to Go Banana.

The company’s vision is to be the Amazon for building supplies and in order to get there, they have built a very strong management team. This includes the founder, Rami Naori, who has invested £200,000 into the company from the very beginning. Rami has had experience as a property developer in the UK and abroad. For 18 years he also led a marketing consulting agency within the tech industry. The leading team also includes a highly skilled Business Development Director and R&D Manager.

Go Banana has been based out of our shared workspace, The Wohl Enterprise Hub (WE Hub), since the opening of the building in January 2016. This is a significant accomplishment for Go Banana, and one we are very excited about. They are seeking to raise a total of £250,000 and are SEIS/EIS tax compliant. For more information about this initiative, please contact Rami Naori at rami@go-banana.com or on 07792038285