Debriefing: A Simple Tool to Help Your Team Tackle Tough Problems

13th October 2015

by Doug Sundheim for Harvard Business Review Your team has identified an important goal to hit, challenge to be addressed, or opportunity to be pursued. You call a meeting or two, set objectives, put a plan together, and start to execute. Everything looks good on paper. But then your plan starts to hit some snags. Certain objectives...

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Finance & Professional Services Networking Evening

18th September 2015

The brand new Canary Wharf offices of global accountancy and professional services firm KPMG played host to Work Avenue’s inaugural finance and professional services networking evening last week as over one hundred delegates took advantage of this opportunity to expand and develop their professional networks. The event was billed as a chance for all those who...

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Run an effective and productive team meeting

How can I run an effective and productive team meeting?

20th August 2015

“Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.” So said the American post-war Economist John Kenneth Galbraith, presumably with his tongue very firmly in his cheek. It’s an incontrovertible truth that work meetings can be a waste of time, pulling productive employees away from their desks and offering lazy staff the opportunity to have...

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