Turning Your Complex Career Path into a Coherent Story

19th November 2015

By Anna Ranieri for the Harvard Business Review It’s hard when you’ve had a non-standard career trajectory and you want to re-enter the work force, move to a higher position, or enter a new field. Will a marketing firm see you as a good leadership candidate if you’ve always been a professional fundraiser and small business...

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How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Power a Career Transition

28th October 2015

By Jane Heifetz for The Harvard Business Review Are you raring to change careers? Break into a whole new line of work that makes you leap out of bed, happy to go to work every day? Parlay personal passions into professional endeavors? Or focus on a different clientele, type of product, or service? We all know the...

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Debriefing: A Simple Tool to Help Your Team Tackle Tough Problems

13th October 2015

by Doug Sundheim for Harvard Business Review Your team has identified an important goal to hit, challenge to be addressed, or opportunity to be pursued. You call a meeting or two, set objectives, put a plan together, and start to execute. Everything looks good on paper. But then your plan starts to hit some snags. Certain objectives...

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