How do I calculate my working from home expenses?

25th August 2016

By Emily Coltman, FCA – Chief Accountant at Free Agent If you’re a sole trader and run your own business from home, HMRC allows you to claim tax relief for some of your home expenses, as long as you use a “reasonable” method to calculate the amount. FreeAgent’s Chief Accountant Emily outlines the method she uses to...

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How Could Brexit Affect Your Working Rights?

1st August 2016

By Work Avenue The electorate’s decision to leave the EU could have a far-reaching impact on all aspects of life and business in the UK. An area of concern for many is labour laws. Could the withdrawal from the EU affect your working rights? The answer to this is not straightforward and depends on what kind...

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The 8 Digital Productivity Tools Everyone Should Adopt

23rd June 2016

By Alexandra Samuel for The Harvard Business Review I’m a super adopter. I love trying out hundreds of new applications, social networks and devices every year. But not everybody wants to live the thousand-app lifestyle. For most people, the goal is to adopt the smallest number of tools necessary to work efficiently. That’s why my friends...

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