Sara – Employment client

17th December 2020

Work Avenue has been supporting and helping me for so long, I can barely recall when my relationship with them began; I was talking to them before they moved to the Wohl Enterprise building & that was 5 years ago!!!

Overall, Work Avenue is such a valuable and unique communal organisation, which provides support and help to so many people in so many ways.

Most of my interactions have been with Yael Solomons, the Job Placement Manager, because my main focus was on applying for specific roles. She is absolutely amazing, so on the ball. She tapped into my secretarial skills and interest in mental health to help place me in my prior job as a receptionist at a mental-health charity. Unfortunately, I was recently made redundant.

Since then I have been using the time to study, upskill and pursue other interests. I am currently writing a children’s book and am also enrolled on a part-time programme to become a social worker. It is an intense course, but I am enjoying it so much and learning a great deal. I completed one module on counselling in January and begun a new module in March, just before Covid struck. All the lessons moved online.

I was struggling to access the course, mainly because my old laptop is so old it barely works. Fortunately, a friend told me about Work Avenue’s Laptop Library. This is an amazing concept and brilliant initiative. In fact, I have told all my friends and network about it. I borrowed a laptop for a couple of weeks, and just extended the time I can use it because I have found it so helpful. I am using the brand-new computer for studying and to support me while I search for a part-time job.