Ofer – Employment client

27th January 2021

I heard about Work Avenue through my Synagogue. I like the fact that it works with the community; it allows me to be who I am. Really as a community we are so blessed to have Work Avenue.

I first got in touch with Work Avenue about three years ago as I was seeking work in the property market, as I am again at the moment. Their support, advice and care are fantastic. I recently attended a training course on excel, which was very, very good. As part of my proactive approach to find work, I am talking to Yael Solomons, the Work Avenue Job Placement Manager. Like the rest of the team, she is responsive and helpful. I have also had a virtual appointment with a careers adviser. I like the fact that I can go back for further advice if I feel I need to. I definitely feel that Work Avenue don’t just say they are there for me; they really are in practice.

This Covid period, as well as the fact that I am out of work, has forced me to confront what I knew for a while: that my computer skills are not as good as I want them to be. To help me upskill and practice, Yael suggested that I borrow a laptop from the Work Avenue Laptop Library. This service is wonderful. In addition to being able to participate in Work Avenue training sessions, I found that some instruction on Youtube. I’m set up like a professional day trader, with a double screen display on my desk: I use an old lap top to watch tutorials, and the new laptop to learn and practice on. If I don’t get something right, I go back and practice until I am confident. This system is working so well for me, I intend to extend the loan period, which I am told can be done with ease.

This pandemic time is a horrible time for everyone, but it will pass. And when it does I’m sure employers will ask what did you do during the lockdown? Thanks to the help that Work Avenue has given me I will be able to say that I used this time efficiently to upskill, which will boost my employability potential and prospects, so when things do improve I will be ready to secure a rewarding job.