Mikey – Richard Mintz Bursary Fund recipient

1st February 2021

Recent graduate Mikey approached Work Avenue to try to work out how to get into Sports Production following university.  He had a meeting with employment adviser Hannah Dahan and they decided that the best route forward was to take a course in Sports Production, which would be a great platform from which to launch a career.  The course was really competitive – there are only 6 students per year – and he secured one of those places.

Mikey, however needed the means to pay for this essential training.  The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund had just launched with the aim to help those wishing to train for a new career, and so, with Hannah’s guidance, he made an application to the fund.  Having found that he ticked all the qualifying criteria, his application was approved.

Mikey said: “I was so happy. It meant that I could start by focusing my energy and attention on the course and the opportunities that came with it, rather than worrying about how it was going to be paid for.   Without the Fund’s support, I may not have been able to enjoy the course as much as I do and without the course I would not have the key to potentially access my choice of career. I am hugely grateful to the Fund for giving me this opportunity.”

To find out more and to apply to the Richard Mintz Bursary Fund click here