Good news at last… employment is growing rapidly and here’s how we can help you take advantage

29th June 2021

By Emma May, Interim CEO

There haven’t been many times during the past 18 months when we have seen good news for our community in regards to employment and business.

But as we enter the summer, even if the weather has been mixed, the indicators we are seeing in the jobs market are sunny.

Firstly, looking at the national picture, a recent study by the Office for National Statistics found a 25% quarterly decrease in the unemployment rate accompanied by corresponding increases in employment and hours worked. Redundancies have now also returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Closer to home, we are seeing more jobs and opportunities being advertised to those in our community than ever before.

There are myriad of reasons for this – it’s a mixture of a national economy that is bouncing back, businesses that are really keen to return to normal and an increased confidence in all areas of life.

Everything we are reading and seeing is indicative of a huge turnabout in recruitment and employment trends. It has all happened very suddenly, but it is certainly exciting and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage.

But, of course, just because there are now more jobs than those seeking them – it doesn’t automatically guarantee work.

The new jobs being offered are often different to the ones that were lost, meaning some applicants will not be aligned to the vacant roles in terms of their skills and/or experience.

If you’re in that position the important question to ask yourself is what you are going to do about it.

There are many organisations out there that can help with free guidance – offering everything from CV advice and help articulating your transferable skills to workshops and one-to-one assistance. There are even grants available to help fund the cost of courses to help you change careers entirely.

The main thing is to utilise all the help you can get and prepare yourself for what comes next.

This time last year, with confidence at rock bottom, experts were predicting the worst recession in 300 years with more than 1 in 10 people out of work.

Now we are seeing positive news everywhere – from national trends to our own daily experience working with Jewish jobseekers.

No one will ever know exactly what is around the corner, but if you are a job seeker, definitely seize the moment: there has never been a better time!