Focus on a Work Avenue Employer

28th August 2018

Meet Jonny Wahlhaus, Director Virtual Graffiti Ltd

Briefly tell me a bit about your business
Virtual Graffiti Inc was established in California in 1999. We expanded into the UK last year and now we are one of the fastest growing IT solutions providers for business, government and education. Our unique approach to technology starts with comprehensive product knowledge and outstanding customer support, ensuring our customers find the right solution. We assist buyers of all levels of experience from the earliest stages of decision-making through product fulfillment and post-sales support.

What was the position you were looking to fill?
The formal title of the position is ‘Sales Executive’ – however the nature of working is a small business means that the job involves much more than Sales!

Was this a replacement or a new position?
This was a new position.

How many people did you interview?
We interviewed six candidates – two from Work Avenue and four from other sources

What caught your attention about the person you hired?
The candidate, one from Work Avenue, had experience in the IT industry and displayed his fast learning skills by making appropriate suggestions during our first meeting. His personality was a perfect fit for our small business – humble, motivated and skilled.

How’s everything going with them now?
Fantastic! Virtual Graffiti UK Ltd has experienced tremendous growth and our new employee seems very happy with his choice. He has travelled to our Tel Aviv and California offices and helped transform our internal systems as well as contributing to sales. His satisfaction radiates – both customers and suppliers have expressed their appreciation for working with him.

How did WA help you along the way with the recruitment?
As this was one of the first hires of Virtual Graffiti Ltd, it was critical that we found the right candidate who had diverse skills to work in the many facets of a small business. Work Avenue appreciated this and applied this criteria to their search. Work Avenue put forward two candidates – both were suitable and Work Avenue remained objective in their recommendations between the two.

We have recently fulfilled a second position through Work Avenue, and we can’t wait for the candidate to get started!