Crowdfunding Campaign

25th September 2019

We set ourselves a challenge to raise an ambitious target of £750,000 in just 36 hours – in order to be able to continue our work helping members of the community earn a living.  The campaign was triple matched by a group of generous donors, which meant that for every pound pledged, we received £3 to continue our work to help people get a job or start and grow a business.

Advances in technology and online platforms have given us the opportunity to engage with so many more friends in the community, including our employer community who offer jobs to our clients, our small business community and our clients themselves, so many of whom have asked us for a way to give back now that they are earning a living.  Crowdfunding has given us the perfect vehicle for this, and at the same time reach so many new people through a team of ambassadors, each of whom set their own personal target to raise funds.

Based at Work Avenue’s shared work space, WE Hub, a call centre was established with the teams using a variety of means to reach out to existing and new donors throughout the 36-hour marathon.  One such ambassador was WE Hub member Benny Wagner, CEO of Risk Reports.  He commented: “It has been amazing being a part of this campaign.  The atmosphere was incredible with so many people hitting the phones and reaching out to their contacts.  I was so humbled by the generosity of my network.”

And the results spoke for themselves.  The £750,000 target was reached by 6pm, four hours before the end of the campaign.  A hasty bonus round was implemented, double matched by another group of donors, with the final results at close of business showing in excess of £1 million.

We were completely staggered and delighted to raise so much money and are so grateful for the overwhelming generosity of the community.  We had over 2200 individual donations, which showed us just how far our message reached.  We help over 2000 people every year earn a living.  These badly needed funds will allow us to help so many more from our community into work.