Barry, Business Client

“How would I describe Work Avenue in three words? It’s a must!!! The advice and webinar training they give is always high quality and ever so helpful.”

Nina, Employment Client

“The team at Work Avenue and the services they provide a wonderful support system to job-seekers like me. The advisers are sympathetic, professional and clear. Over the years, they have given me such valuable help and guidance. I find that Work Avenue builds confidence and a can-do attitude. They keep my spirits up and encourage a positive approach. With them by my side, I believe I will get there but they help me to keep going, one step at a time.”

Ofer, Employment Client and user of Work Avenue Laptop Library

“This pandemic time is a horrible time for everyone, but it will pass. And when it does I’m sure employers will ask what did you do during the lockdown? Thanks to the help that Work Avenue has given me I will be able to say that I used this time efficiently to upskill, which will boost my employability potential and prospects, so when things do improve I will be ready to secure a rewarding job.”

Sara, Employment client

“Work Avenue is such a valuable and unique communal organisation, which provides support and help to so many people in so many ways.”

Miriam, delegate at Women in the Workplace

“Thank you for a first class Women in the Workplace virtual conference. The sessions and speakers were excellent, informative and inspiring.”

Lewis M.Coleman, President, HOD Lodge London No.2

“The work that Work Avenue do is an invaluable resource for those trying to get into, or back into, work. With the various courses that are on offer, together with the excellent advisers give your clients the tools and confidence to build, or rebuild, their lives. We look forward to the possibility of working with Work Avenue again at some point in the future.”


Janine, Employment client

“I would like to say how much Work Avenue has helped me and I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the amazing support, guidance and workshops. It has been incredible to have this support during such a difficult time. Not only have I learned new skills but having your advisers to speak to has been absolutely amazing and I am sure that the mock interview with Yael gave me confidence with this particular interview. Meeting other people during the workshops has also been really helpful too.”

Ketty, delegate at Defining Your Second Career

“Brilliant morning, very well organised and very knowledgeable speakers. Faultless! Well done Work Avenue. What an amazing organisation. I am a true fan and whether I find a job or not is absolutely unimportant compared to the help I am getting. Thank you, Work Avenue. Keep going!”

Camila, delegate at Defining Your Second Career

“Amazing sessions! Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from home with such amazing people, inspire myself and set new goals. I literally love Work Avenue!!!”

Lisa, delegate on Networking for Business Workshop

“The Networking for Business Workshop was exactly what I needed to reset and feel armed to approach networking with strategic thinking behind it. Now feeling energised rather than dreading revisiting my networking.”

Leah, Employment client

“The welcome at Work Avenue is incredibly warm and the team are fantastic, helpful and so encouraging. My employment adviser, Richard, has given me lots of new ways to think about things and avenues and pathways to explore. Thanks to him, I understand and appreciate how important networking will be to find my next role. I have also had dealings with another employment adviser, Hannah Dahan, who presented an amazing webinar, and Yael Solomons, the Job Placement Manager, who is brilliant and caring. Overall, I have found Work Avenue to be inspiring and supportive. They inspire you to keep going and to have an open mind, to embrace new options. I would absolutely recommend Work Avenue to anyone and everyone who may need help with employment, career or business advice”.

Zoe, Business client

“I now feel I have more direction, and am enjoying working out which brands to target and with what message to give them, and I certainly wouldn’t have had this level of awareness without our one-to-one session. Or this level of motivation either.”

Rebecca, Employment client

“Work Avenue is very good at staying up to date with current thinking about how best to secure a job in the current market.”