Hannah Dahan

Hannah Dahan

Position: Employment Adviser
Categories: Employment

Hannah is a qualified Careers Adviser with extensive experience in providing careers advice in education settings and advice centres. She has a background in helping clients achieving their goals, including getting into university, apprenticeships, employment and work experience.

What makes you a great employment adviser? I have a level 7 Postgraduate Qualification in Careers Guidance as well as 10 years of experience in Careers Education, Advice and Guidance. I have previously worked in youth services and further education colleges. This has meant that I have advised on not only careers and job hunting, but also have a strong knowledge of the education system and how to apply for university and apprenticeships.

Favourite hobbies? I enjoy Pilates, going abroad (pre Covid) and spending time with my toddler

Where’s your favourite place in the world? That’s a tough one as I travelled a lot pre Covid, but I really loved Bali

Interesting fact about you? I stayed with a tribe in the Colombian Jungle for 5 days

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