AI Integration Masterclass for Managers and Teams


09 Sep 2024


09:00 - 13:45


£495 (3 day course)

AI Integration Masterclass for Managers and Teams

Empower your workforce with the tools needed to optimise their use of ChatGPT and other AI tools

Course Overview
This meticulously structured three-day course is designed to empower professionals with the capability to effectively communicate and interact with AI. Spanning from foundational theories to advanced application techniques, the course aims to thoroughly enhance your command over ChatGPT, ensuring that your instructions are understood and executed with precision.

Course Content –
Unpack the mechanics of how AI processes input to generate meaningful and contextually appropriate responses.
Learn the critical aspects of crafting effective prompts that guide AI reliably and efficiently.
Engage in hands-on activities to apply foundational concepts in real-time scenarios.
Explore sophisticated strategies to enhance the precision of AI-generated content.
Discover innovative ways to use AI for generating unique content across various formats and platforms.
Participants will practice creating prompts for different types of content, receiving immediate feedback and tips for improvement.
Identify typical problems in AI outputs and learn how to adjust prompts to rectify them.
Techniques for iteratively improving the quality of AI interactions to achieve desired results consistently.
Culminate your learning experience by developing a comprehensive prompt strategy for a project of your choice, guided by an expert facilitator.
Gain a robust understanding of the inner workings of AI and how to effectively communicate your ideas and needs.
Develop the ability to craft precise and effective prompts that reduce errors and enhance the quality of AI outputs.
Unlock the potential for creative problem solving using AI, transforming abstract ideas into tangible outcomes.
Acquire the skills to troubleshoot and refine AI outputs, ensuring clarity and relevance in your projects.

No specific prior knowledge is required but you will need to have a ChatGPT subscription.

This course is ideal for: Content Creators and Marketers: Individuals who generate content using AI tools and seek to refine their command for better output. Project Managers and Strategists: Professionals aiming to incorporate AI insights into project planning and strategic decision-making. Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Those who aspire to pioneer new solutions by integrating AI capabilities into their business models

Date: Monday 9th September, Thursday 12th September, Monday 16th September
Time: 9:45am – 1:45pm
Location: Work Avenue
Cost: £495 – Discounts available for multiple employees

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