Vocational training FAQS

Member training FAQS:

Depending on the course and the specific training module, training may be delivered both virtually and in person classroom learning at our dedicated training suite in Finchley.

We will be asking WAGE Members for a small contribution towards the cost of the training, but the courses are heavily subsidised.

You will need a device and stable internet connection for virtual training and in addition for the courses which use software, you will need to load this software on to the device. We can provide equipment if required. It may be possible for a small number of trainees to be based in rooms within our offices.

The modules within your chosen training course are all compulsory.  It is also a requirement of joining WAGE that you attend additional specific modules on general workplace skills.  These modules attract no additional cost to you.

It may also be possible to attend a small number of extra modules from other training pathways if it is felt that this will complement your learning.

After completing the application form, you will be invited for an interview to assess your suitability.

Member work experience:

Although we cannot absolutely guarantee work, we will be drawing on our extensive existing and new business networks to acquire stimulating and interesting opportunities to gain vital work projects.

The WAGE Manager will discuss projects with you that we believe are most suited to your skills gained and your chosen career pathway so it would expected that you would accept the projects even though it is not compulsory.

We would be delighted to hear that you had been offered permanent work beyond WAGE, and would work with you to arrange an appropriate handover to another WAGE member.

Once you have completed the course including the final assessment (which may include a live project), you will be eligible for paid work.  In certain cases, you may have enough experience to complete a supervised project whilst still training.

Yes, will expect you to also work with our professional employment advisers for CV help, interview practice, networking and our jobs board to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be for all work opportunities.

This will depend on the project brief – you may be based at the client’s offices, Work Avenue’s offices or based from home. In all cases though you will have regular contact with your mentor.


No, you will engage WAGE to complete the project and we will invoice you at the agreed hourly rate.

Much will depend on the nature of the project and COVID restrictions, but you will have direct access to the WAGE Member as well as direct access to WAGE. In addition, you will have indirect access to the mentor assigned to quality assure the work.

We hope that you will be very pleased with the WAGE member assigned to deliver your project, but in the event that this is not the case, we can offer you an alternative WAGE Member instead.

No, the project could run from short term temporary to long term part-time but is not intended to replace a permanent hire.

Absolutely.  We recognise that as a start-up or small business you will need WAGE’s services in several disciplines either concurrently or one after the other.

Our mentors are all selected to reflect their wealth of experience and expertise in their chosen discipline.


This is a voluntary position though any expenses will be paid.

When a project suits your expertise and experience you will be asked to mentor the WAGE member assigned to the project.  It is possible that you may be asked to mentor multiple projects.

Each project will be different, but you will need to spend time planning the project with the member initially, making yourself available to answer questions during the project and quality check the work at the end. WAGE hold this accountability but it is expected you would be involved in the sign off process.

You need to have proven experience working and delivering in that field. But even more importantly, you need to be able to inspire confidence in a newly trained person so they can deliver the work competently  and gain vital experience.  So as well as your experience, we would expect that you are empathetic and motivational, inspiring self-belief and confidence in others, and have great communication skills.  Your role will be to guide and oversee, but not to undertake the work yourself.

We are looking for all sorts of people to mentor a WAGE Member so their careers get off to a flying start.  At the same time, it is really important to ensure that mentors have relevant and contemporary experience.  So if the project relates to software or systems that you have never used, then it may be that your experience will not be a match for certain fields or projects.

It will vary depending on the project size and complexity.  It is likely you will need to engage daily in the planning and quality assurance stages with regular contact in between to check on progress and the development of the WAGE Member.