Welcome to Work Avenue’s Wellbeing conference! 

We know only too well the many different impacts the pandemic is having on us all.  Our Covid Impact Survey, completed by over 500 respondents, told us that.

  • More than half of those surveyed have experienced mental health worries due to work stress
  • Three quarters of people have seen their employment or business suffer
  • And half have said that they are financially worse off than they were before.


Our Wellbeing at Work Conference, delivered virtually, will address these issues and more.   It will offer practical advice, together with plenty of hints and tips, to help you refocus and rebalance amidst the stresses and uncertainty of our times.


The details:

Date: Wednesday 24th February 2021

Time: 9.15AM-12.45PM

Taking place via Zoom



9.15AM Introduction from Jo Sadie, Head of Business, Work Avenue

9.30AM Keynote: Zoe Sinclair, founder Employees Matter

10.20AM “Looking After Your Wellbeing in the Digital Age”, Joanna Michaels, Social Media Trainer and Coach

OR “Staying Mentally Healthy at Work, Nick Patience, JAMI Associate Trainer

11.30AM “Eating Your Way to Mental Health”, Nicky Mann, qualified nutrition adviser

OR “Calm Amidst the Chaos”, Jo Kaye, Founder The Breathe Academy

12.15PM Q&A with the Work Avenue team

12.45PM END


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Our Speakers

Zoe Sinclair

After a career at the BBC, my life changed when I became a mother. It was such an amazing privilege, yet when it came to work, there was such a lack of support. Passionate about wellbeing, I soon went on to set up ‘Parents Matter’ which helped companies engage with working parents by putting on in-house events & seminars tackling key challenges for new Mum’s and Dad’s. As the years went on, companies soon asked for more initiatives out of the parenting sphere and it was at this stage that it made sense to expand to ‘Employees Matter’, with the vital understanding that all staff need support and engagement, not just parents. With this in mind, we began to run new, innovative workshops focusing on diversity, gender, physical and mental health. In addition, in 2017 I co-founded workplace mental health conference This Can Happen. I am passionate about helping both employers and employees find solutions to create stigma-free, open and considerate environments to work in where people can be open about their mental health.

Joanna Michaels

Do you reach for your phone or other device before you even get out of bed in the morning? Do you get disappointed if you don’t get an immediate reply to a post or a text message?

How long can you last without checking your phone when you hear that enticing ‘ping’? Do you compare yourself (your business) with others on social media?

Technology is everywhere, and mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life, helping us to connect and communicate with others. However, there is also a pressure to gain instant access, instant results and instant gratification.

So how do we find a healthy balance between enjoying all the benefits technology has to offer while managing the wellbeing of ourselves, our businesses and our families?

Join social media coach Joanna Michaels to discover some interesting facts about how technology affects our lives and how can we look after our digital wellbeing to stay happy and healthy.

Nick Patience

Nick trained as a general nurse and worked in Accident and Emergency, Occupational Health, Intensive Care and Trauma Intensive Care, often caring for patients who had mental health issues together with their physical injury or illness.


He joined HSE as one of HM Inspectors of Health and Safety. While investigating traumatic incidents he became aware of the effects of PTSD at first hand. He was involved in stress surveys and risk assessments and helped support colleagues who were experiencing stress at work.


As a qualified trainer he has developed and delivered training. Since leaving HSE in 2018 he has set up his own consultancy. Through lived experience Nick has an interest in mental health issues and is a Mental Health First Aid England Instructor member. He now works for Jami UK as an associate trainer, facilitating on a range of mental health topics.

Jo Kaye

Jo Kaye is a full time mindfulness coach and founder of The Breath Academy, working with private and corporate clients in London and virtually.

She regularly facilitates the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme, as well as many other tailored mindfulness programmes and 1-1 coaching.  She teaches with the Mindfulness Project and brings her mindfulness training to many of the She Leads Change programmes. She is also a qualified mental health first aider.

Her own journey began over 20 years ago with the Landmark Forum, followed 11 years later by a Vipassana retreat (a 10 day silent meditation retreat), culminating in a calling to quit the corporate world and qualify as a mindfulness coach.

She felt called to share the wisdom and insight she had gained through her own mindfulness practice so others could also experience the benefits, and has a particular passion for providing the tools to help us all deal with the intensity of our busy lives both in and out of work.  This includes ways we can best take care of ourselves in a practical and viable way, ensuring the world gets the best of us not what’s left of us!

Nicky Mann

Nicky Mann is a qualified nutrition adviser with an Advance Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management and a Level 4 award in Nutrition awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health.  This is based on training recognised by the Association for Nutrition in:

Nutrition and weight management

Nutrition for sports and exercise

Vegetarian, Vegan and plant based diets

Nutrition for older Adults

Pre – and Post – natal Nutrition

Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

I have also trained in Behaviour Change Coaching

Wednesday 24th February 9.15am-12.45pm

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