The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund FAQs

The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund has been set up to honour the memory of our dear late trustee and friend Richard Mintz OBE who passed away in March 2020.


Richard Z”L was passionate about Work Avenue because he saw it as a vehicle to help those who needed support to stand on their own two feet and a helping hand to get them on the earning ladder.


The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund will provide bursaries to those wishing to train for a new career. It has been designed to help those wishing to improve their earning potential but who are prevented from doing so due to the expense of training courses.

Which courses can be funded by the Richard Mintz Bursary Fund?

The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund will find appropriate vocational courses that will help you on your career path.

Can Work Avenue help me find a suitable course?

Yes, regardless of whether you are applying for funding or not, Work Avenue can arrange for you to meet an adviser to suggest suitable courses for your career path.

Do I meet with a Work Avenue adviser before the funds are agreed?

Yes, you will need to engage with Work Avenue and meet with one of their advisers to ensure the course you have chosen is the right one for you.

How much funding will I receive?

In most cases the fund will allocate between £500 and £5000 towards the cost of an appropriate course.  If funding requests exceed this amount, the panel will consider applications on a case by case basic.

Which financial documentation do I need to submit for the grant process?

You will need to submit bank statements from the last 3 months for any bank account held in your / your partner’s names.  You will also need to submit a completed personal budget showing your household income and expenditure.  A Work Avenue adviser can help you with all this documentation.

Do I need to pay anything towards the cost of the course?

Yes, the fund will cover costs of up to 80% for your course and you will need to prove that you can cover the remaining 20%. The panel will consider applications from people who are unable to pay this 20% contribution.

Will the 80% of the cost of the course be paid to me?

No, the course costs will be settled directly with the course provider in most cases.

What happens if i do not complete the course?

In the event that you leave the course before you have completed it, you will need to arrange to pay back the cost of the full grant to The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund.

Are there any further requirements that I should know about if I am successful in being granted funds from the Richard Mintz Bursary Fund?

You will be required to meet with your Work Avenue adviser throughout your course and to provide feedback about your progress on the course.

You will be required to meet professionals from your chosen industry to create connections and understand the sector completely.  Work Avenue can help with this.

Who will see my application?

Our application process is designed to ensure we understand each applicant’s circumstances before decisions are made on funding. This requires an adviser to speak with each applicant.


Only the advisers who speak directly with applicants and those providing administrative support for the fund will see identifying information about applicants.


Everyone else, including those making decisions about the applications and allocations of funds, will only see summary information about the applicant’s circumstances with identifying information (name, full address, employer’s name etc) removed.


All data provided will be stored securely and in accordance with our data protection and privacy policies.

When can I expect a decision on my application, and if allocated funds, when can I expect those funds to arrive?

We are aiming to contact all applicants within one week of receiving their initial application.

A Work Avenue adviser will contact you for an initial assessment and will explain the next stage of the application process which will involve you submitting financial documentation and further information about the course.

Once we have all the information needed to progress your application a decision will be made and communicated to you within 1 month from when you have had your final meeting and submitted all the documentation required.

As soon as a decision is made, Work Avenue will communicate with the training provider to arrange a payment plan for the course.

Can I do anything to prepare for my application?

A Work Avenue adviser will contact you for an initial assessment after you have submitted your initial application.  They will explain the next stage of the application process which will involve you submitting bank statements and your personal survival budget.

You can prepare by collecting this information so it is ready for submission.

Researching suitable course options in advance of your initial assessment is advisable.

You can see if you are entitled to any government benefits by contacting Paperweight. They can help you understand and apply for financial support, including government schemes and offer debt advice.

How can i ensure that others will be able to benefit from The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund?

Once you have completed your course and are in suitable employment, payment plans can be set up with your adviser to give back to The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund to ensure further grants can be allocated to others seeking to train to earn a living.