Hate Crime Reporting Co-ordinator – Barnet Mencap

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Hate Crime Reporting Co-ordinator – Barnet Mencap

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Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Purpose of job:

The post holder will increase the awareness of Hate Crime in Barnet and work on a multi-agency basis to:-

  • Coordinate activities to ensure residents, statutory, voluntary organisations and others know about Hate Crime and report it.
  • Take a victim-centred approach so that the victims of Hate Crime are well supported

Duties and responsibilities:

Community Safety Awareness

  • Engage with residents and diverse communities, including disabled people, LGBTQ+ groups, and Gypsy Roma Traveller groups to raise awareness about reporting hate crime.
  • Coordinate communications and community events to raise awareness of Hate Crime and encourage reporting.
  • Organise and conduct workshops and forums for diverse community groups.
  • Train staff and volunteers to identify hate crime and support clients to report incidents to the Police.
  • Monitor national and local hate crime data, including incidents recorded by Barnet Hate Crime Reporting Centres and produce quarterly reports of the work to tackle Hate crime in Barnet
  • Support victims to report hate crimes and incidents to the Police and signpost to relevant support organisations.
  • Support Barnet’s network of Hate Crime Reporting Centres including co-ordinated communications and staff training.
  • Develop Barnet’s Safe Places Scheme for people with learning disabilities, autistic adults and adults-at-risk.

Service Users

  • Have a commitment to the safeguarding of the service users at all times and take responsibility for reporting any concerns immediately to the manager and Barnet Council’s social work team.

Office Skills

  • Co-ordinate the day-to-day running of the project to include planning and organisation of the activities programme
  • Maintain effective IT systems
  • Maintain effective communication systems
  • Undertake monitoring outcomes as required by funders and others
  • Ensure that records are kept up to date
  • Respond to calls from service users and others

Health and Safety

  • Undertake/ensure that risk assessments are carried out, recorded and regularly updated
  • Ensure that a high standard of Health and Safety is maintained, and that policies and procedures are followed

Promotion of Service

  • Develop links within the community and with other organisations
  • It is expected that the post holder will perform in such a way that furthers the values of the organisation with reference to equal access and opportunity and quality of service provided

Person Specification (Essential):

  • Proven experience in engaging with diverse communities, including disabled people, LGBTQ+ groups, and Gypsy Roma Traveller groups.
  • Ability to coordinate communications and promotional activities to raise awareness of Hate Crime and encourage reporting.
  • Ability to train staff and volunteers to identify and effectively handle Hate Crime reports and support victims.
  • Proficient in reviewing national and local hate crime data and conducting surveys of Hate Crime victims to gather relevant data.
  • Strong report-writing skills, with the ability to produce and present quarterly reports on efforts to tackle Hate Crime in Barnet by multi agency partners including Barnet’s Hate Crime Reporting Centres
  • Demonstrated commitment to a victim-centred approach, ensuring well-rounded support for individuals affected by Hate Crime.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with empathy.
  • Excellent organisational skills to coordinate day-to-day project activities.
  • Commitment to maintaining a high standard of Health and Safety, adhering to policies and procedures.
  • Ability to develop and nurture relationships within the community and with other organizations.
  • Commitment to furthering the values of the organization, emphasizing equal access, opportunity, and quality of service.
  • Awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in service provision.
  • Availability to work 21 hours per week, including evening work.
  • Understanding and commitment to safeguarding principles, with the ability to report concerns promptly.

For more information and to be personally recommended for the role, please contact melissa@theworkavenue.org.uk

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