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Freelance Inventory Clerks - Howard Property Services

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As an inventory clerk you will be expected to travel all over London and compile very detailed reports on the items, descriptions, and conditions of properties. The lists are intricately in-depth and are used as contracts between the tenant and landlord to ensure that tenants do not lose their deposits, and that landlords’ investments are well protected. What we do as a company is of the utmost importance as ultimately what we say in reports can affect the livelihoods’ of the parties involved.

Details of the role are as follows:

  • Your availability can be flexible; this role can be part time or full time though you need to be able to cover at least 7-9 assignments per week minimum.
  • All contractors are required to be presentable - no jeans, trainers or tracksuit bottoms
  • You will receive a percentage commission from each report’s fee (averages £48 per assignment). Our best contractors are allocated between 2-3 assignments per day. However please note that there is an element of admin that needs to be done at home after your booking. For this reason, some clerks prefer to undertake only x2 bookings per day.
  • Bookings can take place 7 days a week, with Monday’s, Fridays and Saturdays being out busiest days and the beginning and end of each month being equally busy
  • Our busiest months are April – October. During the winter the Lettings market slows down, however we are still able to keep clerks mostly busy during these periods. It is recommended that you make yourself as available as possible during our busiest periods to maximise your earning potential
  • We have a fully staffed office to provide you with support. We deal with the bookings and clients, leaving you free to concentrate on your work.
  • Our admin team type up your inventory reports. There is an element of administration involved on the freelance clerk’s side.
  • Reports are dictated into an app with minimal typing from the clerk. For this you will need access to an up to date tablet or I-pad with a camera or an I-phone or Android phone (larger screened phone required).
  • You will be on your feet a lot commuting around London and visiting different properties


We will request in advance your availability for a certain period. Once you have told us when you are available it is

important this doesn’t change (within reason) as we will take on work based on when are clerks are free to cover bookings.

We are only able to allocate bookings the afternoon before they take place. You will login to the app to see what your appointments are the following day and plan your journeys accordingly.

When you attend bookings, you will mostly be collecting keys from a local estate agent or on-site concierge. Then you will attend the property dictating your detailed report and will either be returning keys from where you collected them from or handing them to a tenant.

If arrive at a property and are unable to carry out a booking due to keys not being available or for some other reason outside of your control, you will be paid a £20 abortive booking fee. In these situations, you must get clarification from the Howard office before leaving a booking. Please note that our clerks are expected to behave in a polite and courteous manner to all the people they meet at bookings.


At Howard Property Services we take our role very seriously as our reports can affect the livelihoods’ of both landlords and tenants. In order to ensure that all of our inventory clerks meet the high standards we expect, they must complete the Professional Standards Guidance Programme. The Guidance Programme is split into two parts.

The first part is spread out over 2/3 weeks and covers:

  • The qualities and equipment required to provide a professional inventory
  • Why inventories are an essential part of the letting process
  • The inventory process, including shadow assignments, practical sessions and more
  • How to compile the following reports: Simultaneous Inventory Make & Check In Reports, Inventory Make Reports, Separate Check In Reports

The second part of the programme is completed in a week and takes place around your bookings so you can still earn while you learn. In this section you will learn;

  • The Check Out Process
  • Guidelines of Fair Wear and Tear
  • How to compile the following reports: Check Out Reports, Quarterly Inspections, Inventory Update Reports


In order to be accepted on to the Guidance Programme you must have:

  • English GCSE C or above;
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Access to a tablet/i-pad/latest i-phone or android
  • Use of a digital camera
  • Proficient computer skills – knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • The ability to multi-task and work well under pressure with a ‘can do’ approach

For more information or to apply please contact yael@theworkavenue.org.uk