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Graduate Business Development Internship- Fintech Sector

  • Location: Central London/Working from home
  • Sector: Financial
  • Salary: Intern rate: £10 per hour plus expenses

This 3 month internship is ideal for a graduate with a financial background and an interest in pursuing a career in financial services/technology. Applicants should ideally have one years' post university experience.

Payment: £10 per hour plus up to £60 per week for travel on public transport and on submitting receipted expenses.

The role

Our business development team is tasked with increasing the number of leads generated from our digital marketing activity and supporting our sales team in the conversion of leads into opportunities and then customers. Ideally the candidate would have an interest in joining us after the internship in a business development role.  

• Identifying portfolio companies of private equity sponsors and linking to relevant sponsors

• Identifying which portfolio companies would be a good fit for our services based on key metrics (industry, implied size), as well as what products may work best 

• Identifying key contacts within portfolio companies and private equity sponsors

• Segmenting existing KBI contacts by their teams

• Identifying further KBI contacts for coverage (e.g. do we have all the relevant Working Capital partners from PwC, or technology partners that run bank RFPs?)

• Source contacts for our corporate Total Addressable Market where we have none

• Competitor research- helping marketing keep track of what our competitors are doing (what pieces of content, topics, changes to website, etc.)

• Trade publication research- helping marketing to identify the right publications that we need to keep on top of to (1) maintain contact with relevant people to be included in their research pieces. (2) have as source repository for the “Quarterly Industry Watch” document.

• Ad-hoc potential tasks:

o Simple origination support - formatting, comps analysis

o Admin- updating repositories (decks, engagement letters, etc.), updating marketing stats, tombstones, helping with SFDC clean-up, etc.

o Lists - cleaning and finalising distribution lists

For more information and to apply please contact yael@theworkavenue.org.uk