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Maintenance Manager- Netpex

  • Location: North London
  • Sector: Property

Netpex is seeking a Maintenance Manager to take responsibility for a wide range of property maintenance areas.

Key Responsibilities

• To manage all of the maintenance issues across all Netpex properties (Units & Stand Alone Flats) in a timely manner and to deal with maintenance issues that arise out of hours in the evenings and weekends.

• Planning daily work schedule with handyman, highlighting priorities for each day, assuming no emergencies arise.

• Ensuring that any room vacated is ready the same day for a new tenant.

• Ensuring that every unit and shared accommodation (where more than 1 young person is residing in the building) has an up to date Fire Risk Assessment and all the works recommended in the Fire Risk Assessment have been carried out and signed off by Netpex Staff.

• Carrying out monthly visits to all Netpex properties (units and Stand alone flats) to make sure that they are all in a clean, presentable and attractive condition. This applies even where Netpex only have 1 flat in a larger building. Additionally ensuring that the front and back gardens/outside areas of Netpex Properties are well maintained and there is no broken furniture, rubbish or weeds anywhere on the premises.

• To get a (verbal) report from every Handyman on a daily basis on any deliberate damages they have come across in any of Netpex properties and then to follow the following procedure on a weekly basis:

1) Find out details of the damages or theft from the relevant Unit manager or Staff,

2) Request photos by email from the Handyman of the damages,

3) Email the young person's Social Worker, Manager and in cases of major damages also to the Placement Team, details of the damage and photos

4) Create invoices of all the damage caused over the week (separate invoice for each Young Person) and send it to the relevant Local Authority finance department with the email and photos of damage (point 3 above)that was sent to the Social worker & Manager. Invoice for the materials and handyman for the labour used to repair the damage caused.

• To monitor expenses and identify where costs can be reduced including CCTV, cleaning or carpet cleaning,

electricians, pest control, plumbers etc. - sourcing new companies offering the same service at a cheaper price.

• To monitor expenses of items purchased by Netpex and identify where costs can be reduced including beds, furniture, kitchenware, TV etc.

• To order the furniture and where other items following authorisation by finance department

• Responsible for recruitment of new Handymen as and when required

• Ensuring that all Netpex properties have required safety certificates (Gas, Electric, EPC,

HMO, PAT Test, Insurance etc.) on all of Netpex properties.

For more information or to apply please contact yael@theworkavenue.org.uk