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Executive Director- Renaissance Publishing (Jewish Renaissance)

  • Location: London, NW3
  • Sector:
  • Salary: Commensurate with the responsibilities

Renaissance Publishing, the charitable organisation that publishes Jewish Renaissance magazine, is looking for an Executive Director (ED) to lead us in the next phase of consolidation and growth.

The ED will be required to develop and implement strategy, draft and control budgets, develop relationships with our funders and supporters and oversee our operations. The ED will also have to develop positive and constructive relationships with our small team of creative and operational staff.

We are seeking somebody with proven management skills, a commitment to Jewish culture, passion and vision.

This will be a 4-5 day a week position at a salary commensurate with the responsibilities.

Job Description

Renaissance Publishing Ltd (RP), which trades as Jewish Renaissance, is a registered charity

promoting Jewish culture.

It publishes Jewish Renaissance magazine and online content, organises Jewish interest tours and

other relevant events and activities. The Executive Director has overall responsibility to the Board of

Trustees for the strategic direction, management and development of JR.

The Executive Director has specific responsibility for the following:


a. To develop, and agree with the Board of Trustees, a strategy designed to ensure the

continuity and growth of the charity, through the delivery of RP’s mission - central to

which are Jewish Renaissance magazine and online content.

b. To update this strategy annually.


a. To be an effective and motivational leader, responsible for the management of all

our staff.

b. To ensure that JR runs as a cohesive organisation through effective management,

prioritisation and issue resolution across business functions.


a. To grow our fundraising base by developing and expanding relationships with our

current supporters while finding new individual and organisational supporters.

b. To research and liaise with foundations and trusts and apply for grants, ensuring all

grant requirements are met.

c. To organise cost effective events for JR to build on our relationships and raise funds.


a. To build on and expand JR's communications with the public, the Jewish community,

subscribers, partners, supporters and all other target or interested parties, with the

aim of raising awareness of JR and related activities.

b. To take responsibility for the content, design, production, implementation and

distribution of communications and marketing materials, working with the creative

team and other staff.

c. To develop, organise and manage a programme of JR presence and staffing at third

party events, and establishing good relationships with those running such events.


To ensure that the operations of JR are carried out efficiently and effectively. These include:

a. Production and distribution of the magazine and other products or services to

contribute to the fulfilment of the RP mission. 

b. Subscriptions: Ensuring our subscriptions operation maximises the number of and

income from new subscribers and renewals.

c. Tours: To ensure that JR Tours are run smoothly and that they meet the objectives

of JR and explore expanding the tours programme in ways that make it accessible to

a wider constituency.

d. IT systems: identifying the best available systems for JR’s needs, managing their

implementation and keeping a watching brief on their development, efficiency and

appropriateness for the organisation.

e. Facilities and procurement

i. To ensure the most effective and efficient use of JR's office space and to

consider future needs.

ii. To work with the Operations Manager to ensure utilities, office equipment

and other supplies are procured in the most cost effective and efficient way.

f. Third Party Requirements: to ensure that all RP's obligations to outside

organisations are met, including HMRC, Companies' House and the Charity


g. Compliance and data security to ensure that JR is compliant with GDPR and that it is

adequately protecting its data.


a. To specify the organisational requirements of JR, then to oversee the recruitment,

staff management and development to best meet the needs as they develop.

b. To ensure that JR meets all legal, employment and health and safety requirements

and obligations.


a. To draft and present to Trustees the annual budget, working with staff and the

Honorary Treasurer as required, then to take control of that budget and financial

management to ensure JR works within the agreed budget, subject to variations as

agreed by Trustees.

b. To examine JR's current income sources and achievements in order to maintain

these flows while exploring and implementing ways to increase this income.

c. To explore, examine and propose to Trustees additional sources of income which are

compatible with the stated objectives of the organisation and its mission statement.

d. To authorise payments within the parameters set by the Board.

To do all other things required by the Trustees to ensure the financial viability of JR and its

continuing contribution to the Jewish Community and beyond

For more information and to apply, please contact yael@theworkavenue.org.uk