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London and Southern Regions Event Security Coordinator- CST

  • Location: NW London
  • Sector: Community
As the London Event Security Coordinator, the primary focus is to coordinate the process of assessing & securing London based communal events, along with a number of events taking place in Southern regions, by actioning the following:

•    Managing the ongoing relationship with all event organisers, and ensuring that their events are correctly registered on the database (using the same registration process and threat assessment for those events which will/will not receive CST cover). 
•    Conducting threat assessments on every event, and where deemed necessary assigning the event to a suitable team.
•    Attending security meetings with organisers/contractors/suppliers/hotel/police, as required.
•    Assessing the security requirements for each event.
•    Where necessary, selecting and assigning an Event Leader.
•    Assessing and managing the planning process, from personnel to equipment and coordination of the event with the assigned Event Leader. Ensuring that all requirements are met in the planning stage and the team is adequately resourced 
•    Ensuring that Operational Plans are produced by the Event Leaders, checking the plans and adjusting them operationally where/when necessary.
•    Writing and providing Operational Plans where necessary. 
•    Coordinating the security operation with the event organiser, and acting as a liaison between the event organiser and police.
•    Setting strategies in conjunction with police to protect each event, maintaining an excellent working relationship with police at all levels, and negotiating (where necessary) for adequate policing at events.
•    Liaising / coordinating the security operation with any third party suppliers/contractors or stakeholders, always ensuring a good ongoing relationship 
•    Managing the relationship with venues in London and liaising with venue management and security staff to ensure an excellent working relationship is maintained at all times.
•    Visiting jobs as agreed with Event Security Manager, during/out of office hours, ensuring operational running is in accordance with operational plans and checking on volunteer wellbeing  
•    Planning and staffing of Shabbat Assistance & Response (ART) operations – all aspects.
•    Planning and staffing of High Holy Day operations – all aspects.
•    Providing personnel for other operations as requested by other members of the security department.
•    Mobilising volunteer teams during a crisis.
•    Maintaining relationships with volunteer team leaders, as well as managing all aspects of the mobile teams and volunteers, including attending team meetings.
•    Working with Training Department to identify volunteers in order to develop future leaders/instructors/specialised roles.
•    Ensuring the administration of the events department is maintained to a high standard, ensuring volunteer records are up to date at all times, and recording event progression.
•    If required, taking the role of CST Duty Officer as part of the regular ongoing rota.
•    Assist the Event Security Manager as directed, and represent them where needed.