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Chaplaincy Fieldworker Couples/Teams

  • Location: Bristol and Western or Leeds
  • Sector: Community
  • Salary: Up to £20,000 depending on experience
LOCATION: Bristol and Western/Leeds
WORKING HOURS: Part time - hours tbd, including evenings and weekends
ANNUAL SALARY: Depending on experience – up to 20k
REPORTS TO: University Jewish Chaplaincy head office
  • Holiday entitlement is for 6 weeks pro rata per annum.
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Accommodation in heart of the student community
  • Expense account including hospitality, travel reimbursement, mobile phones, and full office facilities in the Chaplains’ home
We are looking for fieldworkers to join our regional team. The fieldworker couple or team will build on the foundations laid by previous Chaplains expanding and supporting the range of current religious, cultural and social activities provided for the students in their region. Fieldworkers will be responsible for ensuring that students are well supported and empowered through their Jewish societies on campus. You will also have the opportunity and autonomy to create and run your own events, host meals and provide leadership helping to establish a strong connection to Jewish values.

University Jewish Chaplaincy provides a permanent communal framework for all Jewish students at universities across the UK. Officially recognised by the Universities, our Chaplaincy couples are trained husband and wife rabbinic teams, equipped to deal with every aspect of student life. From personal and health issues through to navigating bureaucratic challenges, the Chaplains are experienced in traversing the complexities of university life. Our Chaplaincy couples also create a warm and open-minded environment in which Jewish students can comfortably live an inspired Jewish life whilst away from home.
Chaplaincy works with Jewish communities and organisations across the country to plan and develop for the future of Jewish student life. Whilst students come and go, Chaplaincy ensures that the infrastructure is in place year-after-year, providing consistency and stability in the ever-changing university environment.

As fieldworkers you will be based in either the Bristol and Western or Leeds and Yorkshire region, both vibrant and diverse Jewish student populations. You will need to travel across the region to give strength to students on their campuses.
You will work closely with the universities’ Jewish Societies and the Union of Jewish Students developing leadership, fostering a commitment to Judaism amongst the entire Jewish student body, providing education and welfare support. Candidates must be open and tolerant towards the full range of students’ Jewish backgrounds, denominations and levels of commitment, and actively engage this diverse group.
You will provide a home away from home for Jewish students on campus and also serve as a liaison to the Universities, covering Jewish student needs ranging from Shabbat and Festival exam clashes to personal welfare needs.

7 key areas of activity give a full description of the Chaplains’ work and they are summed up as follows (in no particular order):

1) Student Welfare
2) Jewish Education
3) Home Hospitality
4) Campus Community Building
5) Interpersonal Communications
6) Religious Services
7) External Communications

PERSON SPECIFICATION (all essential unless stated otherwise)

  • Jewish Educational background
  • Degree- from recognised secular university (desirable)
  • Excellent communication and relationship-building skills showing clarity, assertiveness, consideration and sensitivity
  • Culturally attuned to campus environment
  • Genuine interest in the Jewish community in the UK and Israel
  • Ability to devise and implement ideas for social and cultural events for diverse environments
  • Inclusive approach
  • Flexibility (desirable)
  • Organised
  • Sense of humour (desirable)
  • Non-judgmental attitude
  • Good listening skills
  • Good communicator
  • Competence in use of social media
  • Orthodox role-model
  • Capable ambassador
  • Pro-active Israel advocate
  • Capable host
  • Competent public speaker / shiur giver (desirable) 
  • Sensitivity to Halacha
  • Driving licence
  • Leadership ability
  • Team player (desirable)
  • Counselling skills (desirable) 
  • Understanding of and ability to discuss student courses