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Work Avenue matches suitable experts to businesses. We can offer entrepreneurs more than one expert to help develop different areas of their business.

How our experts can help your business: 

Getting help from outside experts can mean the difference between smooth sailing and a sinking ship, both at start-up and as your business matures.

Getting expert advice at the right time could also avoid costly mistakes at start-up. It can also facilitate mid-course corrections necessitated by customer feedback, changing market conditions or problems within your organisation itself.

  • If you are looking for help and advice on a specific business issue Work Avenue can connect you to an expert who has insight and experience in the area of business you need help in.
  • Our experts will work with you to guide you through the business problem you are trying to navigate.

What to think about before approaching us for an expert: 

  1. Visit Work Avenue and discuss your business needs with one of our business advisers – click here to book an appointment
  2. Be very clear on exactly what is needed for your specific pain point, company size and focus
  3. Decide what outcome you are looking for
  4. Think about what options you have already considered / looked into
  5. Identify the expertise and experience needed
  6. Confirm whether you want an expert with particular sector expertise

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