Share and broaden skills and knowledge

Work Avenue match suitable mentors to mentees, often offering entrepreneurs more than one mentor to help develop different areas of their businesses.



  • Make a contribution to someone else’s development
  • Grow personal and professional networks
  • Develop strengths (theirs and yours)
  • Work with people from different contexts and backgrounds
  • Gain practice offering positive and constructive feedback

Become a mentor


  • Your mentor has ‘been there and done that’ and can empathise
  • They will take the time to listen and help you identify and reach your goals
  • Your mentor will see your vision and help you find ways to realise it
  • They will be there for you and help you define possibilities

Become a mentee

In the last year

604 entrepreneurs

helped through business support services

Start-ups are

3½ times more likely

to grow user numbers for their products and services if they have helpful mentors.

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