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Did you know that every business, by law, has to keep books?

That’s why there is a demand for qualified bookkeepers. And when you do the Work Avenue bookkeeping course, you’ll find it easier to get a job because you’ll have a widely recognised ICB qualification on your CV.

What is a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper keeps business financial records and performs basic and essential accounting tasks.

When qualified, a bookkeeper may work for a business or in organisations such as the NHS, or a local council. You could even start your own business and work with multiple clients.

Entry requirements

No prior bookkeeping knowledge is needed to enrol onto this course, but you should have an aptitude for numbers.


Level 2 – £660 per student for plus ICB costs and exams (£235)

Level 3 – £960 plus exams (£300)

*Payment plans available


We have adapted our services to offer this course virtually, you will need your own laptop to participate. The sessions will be recorded so you can review the material in your own time. 

Level 2

Level 2 will be taught over 12 session (36 hours) and will comprise the following modules:

Underpinning Knowledge

  • Understand the basic principles involved in double entry bookkeeping including the format of the accounting equation
  • Understand the legal differences between the structure of different types of businesses
  • Understand the basic accounting concepts
  • Understand the importance of IT systems in a modern bookkeeping world
  • Identify the various methods of payment and receipts to and from a bank account

Prepare Business Documents

  • Understand the purpose and range of business documents
  • Understand the need to accurately prepare and check business documents for goods and services supplied

Accounting for VAT

  • Understand the various rates of VAT
  • Understand how to correctly account for VAT in a bookkeeping system
  • Understand how to account for VAT transactions with customers in, and suppliers from, other countries

Entering Transactions

  • Understand the purpose of, and making entries into, a bookkeeping system
  • Calculate the value of equity
  • Understand how to upload and match bank transactions
  • Understand the use of control accounts in the system
  • Understand the purpose and need to record petty cash
  •  Post appropriate journal entries into the system

Reconciliation and Reporting

  • Understand the purpose and use of the trial balance
  • Reconcile relevant account balances
  • Understand the need to correct errors
  • Produce relevant reports

Level 3

Level 3 will be taught over 20 sessions (60 hours)

Underpinning Knowledge

  • Understand the main accounting concepts that apply
  • Understand the various accounting standards that are applied to the production of year-end accounts
  • Understand the different VAT schemes that are available for use
  • Understand the requirements for uploads to HMRC under making tax digital (as and when introduced)

Reconcile Accounts and Correct Errors

  • Reconcile debtors and creditors control accounts
  • Write off a bad debt
  • Correct errors in the accounts

Reconcile and Produce a VAT Return

  • Reconcile the VAT account
  • Complete a VAT return

Calculate and Post Adjustments to the Accounts

  • Account for the disposal of fixed assets
  • Understand the need to allow for, and be able to post, adjustments to the accounts
  • Provide for revaluation of assets

Produce Draft Final Accounts for Internal Management Purposes

  • Prepare a set of final accounts suitable for internal management purposes
  • Calculate and post relevant amounts to appropriate profits as required
  • Adjust capital share of partners

Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • Understand the importance of interpreting financial statements for internal management purposes
  • Analyse and interpret financial statements
  • Prepare a cash budget

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The cost of the course is:

Level 2 – £660 per student for plus ICB costs and exams (£235)

Level 3 – £960 plus exams (£300)