Women in the Workplace 2017

6th December 2017

This week, Work Avenue played host to the annual Women in the Workplace conference.  Billed as offering ‘everything for every woman who works or wants to’, a record 175 delegates reflected that billing, spanning the spectrum of those seeking work, looking to advance their careers or run their own businesses.

Gillian Merron, Board of Deputies CEO, opened the conference and inspired the delegates with her personal story of the successes and struggles involved in the development of her career.  This was followed by a series of workshops on a range of topics of interest to working women such as career change, starting a business, smart social media, and being a woman in a man’s world.

Entrepreneur Emma Gee delivered a workshop at the Conference on business start-up, bringing her wealth of experience with her own jewellery business. She commented: “Many of the delegates I met were considering a new business venture.  It was great to feel that I was able to offer useful advice. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the conference – I really enjoyed taking part and meeting so many interesting people.”

Delegate Suzanne Jacobs said: “I attended the session on networking which I found tremendously helpful. There were so many useful ideas, and Louise Jacobs made it sound so straightforward.  I’ve already taken some of the ideas on board. It was a fantastic day.”