Weekly Webinar: How to get your Offline Business generating Online Revenue

7th April 2020

Never has it been more important for entrepreneurs to realise maximum revenue opportunity from online platforms.  Brad Lazarus, Founder of Goliath Sourcing Academy, was in front of the camera guiding the Work Avenue business community through some new initiatives to both plug the revenue gap as a result of COVID-19, and at the same time, develop new ongoing profit centres for the future.

Brad outlined different levels of product or service offering, and in each case brought principles to life with examples drawn from real businesses such as the restaurant owner, the physiotherapist, or the interior designer.  He explained how different parts of a service offering could be commoditised and packaged individually to be sold online.

The lively virtual audience had plenty to ask, with a range of questions relating to their individual business models to online advertising and networking.  Brad stated: “I was pleased to offer my expertise in this field.  Now is such a great time for entrepreneurs to focus on their online delivery, to build their business now and for the future.”

Click here to watch the webinar recording