Volunteering Your Way into Employment

30th May 2022

Volunteering is a hugely fulfilling way to give back.  It is great for making new friends and for providing much needed support for people who really need it, but did you know it can be a fabulous stepping stone to your next job?

If you have had an extended period of leave from work, volunteering can be a great way to ease yourself back in and get used to a routine again. Voluntary positions can certainly be added to your CV to show relevant and current skills and experience.

Here are some tips for volunteering your way into employment:

  • Choose a charity you can identify with and believe in. This gives you a reason to work hard and put your all into the position
  • Apply for volunteering roles just the same way you would apply for a job. Identify your strengths and skills in relation to the position and how you can be of benefit to the organisation
  • Think about using volunteering as a way to gain or improve specific skills you might need for the jobs you want to apply for
  • Have an idea what you would like to do if a permanent role became available and ask the organisation you are volunteering for to let you know when any vacancies become available

Good luck!