The summer events to help you retrain, upskill or find a job

17th June 2022

by Emma May

“Taking some ‘me time’ to learn new skills was the best decision I made last summer,” says Annabelle, a busy mum-of-two who was planning to return to the workplace this time last year.

“Working on my confidence, which had been knocked by furlough and the pandemic, was just what I needed to give my career, my family income and indeed my own wellbeing a boost,” agrees David.

As the sun starts shining again, our thoughts naturally turn to picnics, days out and summer holidays.

But this is also the perfect opportunity to devote a little time to developing yourself.

As we are gripped by a cost of living crisis, many will be looking for ways to boost the family funds.

It could be that you’re going back to work after a break, looking for a new job, hoping to change careers entirely or wanting to start or grow your own small business.

This is where Work Avenue comes in. As the Jewish community’s leading employment and business support organisation, we run workshops, courses and webinars throughout the year on everything from perfecting a CV to networking and making connections to building up your confidence.

Annabelle and David are just two of those who attended last summer and have both used what they learned to boost their careers… and salaries.

As our Director of Operations and Employment Emma May says: “Some people can feel a bit intimidated by training at first, which is why all our workshops are designed to be accessible and inclusive. All are led by experts with years of experience and tailored to the exact needs that people have.

“Equally as importantly, we also offer free one-to-one advice and support all year round to help people really put what they have learned into practice.”

Workshops and courses are offered both in-person and online.  Some are designed to support people who are seeing their next job, whilst others are aimed at the entrepreneur starting a new venture.  The line-up for this summer is:

Wednesday 6 July – Facebook and Instagram for Business

This practical workshop will help you to discover the ins and outs of how to build and grow your brands presence on Facebook and Instagram

Wednesday 6 July – Building Your Confidence

Gain a greater understanding about what makes you anxious and what confidence looks like for you.

Thursday 7 July – The Sounding Board

A forum for like-minded business owners to share advice, feedback and ideas with peers.

Monday 11 July – Making Connections to Find a Job

Gain practical skills in networking with others and leveraging your contacts in helping you to find work.

Wednesday 13 July – Networking to Grow Your Business

Gain practical skills in expanding your network and leveraging your contacts in order to help you grow your business.

Thursday 14 July – CV Workshop

Get your job search off to a great start by creating a contemporary and elegant CV and learning how to market yourself effectively with it.

Wednesday 20 July – LinkedIn for Employment

Familiarise yourself with the functionality of LinkedIn, and learn how to harness its power to progress your job search.

Thursday 21 July – Negotiation and Pricing

Gain the practical tools, knowledge and skills needed for your business in the art of pricing and negotiation.

Monday 25 July – Transferable Skills Workshop

Learn to map skills gained in work, voluntary or life experience against career aspirations and placement opportunities.

Tuesday 2 August – Business and Financial Planning

Creating a solid business plan will help you to navigate your way through the uncertainties of setting up and starting a business.

We also know there are those who may not be ready for these workshops, as they are struggling to even decide  the direction of  their career.

That’s why we recently held a webinar Choosing Your Next Career: Finding Your Passion – which can be watched back at

As Emma adds: “Deciding on your next career move can feel overwhelming and even demotivating. How can you choose the right one for you? That’s why we held this webinar to help people identify their next role through their strengths, interests, skills and experience.”

So whatever stage you are at in your job hunt, career or business, Work Avenue is here to help this summer.

To book a place on any of these events visit