COVID-19 Client Stories: Shimmy Hambling, founder ESY Services Ltd

6th April 2020

Work Avenue client and WE Hub member Shimmy has been running ESY Services Ltd for two years.  As social distancing and self isolation took hold, Shimmy took a series of calls, each one to cancel an impending business booking.

Shimmy knew he had to think quickly to adapt his service offerings or risk the failure of the whole business.  He spoke to Debbie Sheldon and the business team, who were able to offer practical support and guidance.  Work Avenue froze his rent at WE Hub, which provided a huge relief.  He was also given the confidence to modify his business model from exterior maintenance to the sanitising of the interior of buildings, a much in demand service.  So as well as proving his business to be agile in difficult times, Shimmy has been able to diversify his service offerings for the future.  “My business has had to be agile in difficult times and it has really paid off.  I have added valuable service lines to the business which is a bonus for now and moving forward.”