Sara – Laptop Library

11th March 2021

Sara has been a Work Avenue client for employment support and job searching for a number of years now and was in touch again recently when her role as a receptionist in a mental health charity was sadly redundant.

Since then she has been using the time to study, upskill and has also enrolled on a part-time programme to become a social worker.  She completed the first module last January, and had just embarked on the second when the pandemic struck and as a result all the lessons moved online.

Sara’s laptop was so old that she found it was unable to cope with the demands of virtual study.  She heard about our Laptop Library and made an application to borrow a computer free of charge so she could continue with her course.  Her initial loan was for a fortnight, but this was extended to assist her.

She said: “This is an amazing concept and brilliant initiative. I borrowed a laptop for a couple of weeks, and just extended the time I can use it because I have found it so helpful. I am using the brand-new computer for studying and to support me while I search for a part-time job.  Work Avenue is such a valuable and unique communal organisation, which provides support and help to so many people in so many ways.”