Rivka – business owner, Puppy Post

6th November 2020

When Rivka Abecasis wanted to set up her online business Puppy Post, a curated online market for independent brands to sell their bespoke products, she turned to Work Avenue.

The initial idea was germinated when Rivka became a dog owner overnight, getting four-week-old abandoned puppy JoeJoe, and suddenly found herself needing advice and supplies.

Rivka said: “I have always supported independent brands and wanted to buy them for JoeJoe, but there was no central place for all of them within the online pet world.

“Being from a strong community, I wanted to create a community of dog owners coming together through a curated online market and sharing all their amazing stories and ideas. I can already see the impact Puppy Post is having.”

With Work Avenue such an integral part of the Jewish community, Rivka says it was the obvious place to go for help.

She added: “Thanks to Work Avenue, what started out as an idea quickly snowballed into a fast-growing business with so many elements.

“Their amazing choice of courses, and their invaluable one-to-one business advice meetings I have had with Joanna have helped me focus, plan and be accountable to growing my business.

“I know it has made all of this possible.”

To join the Puppy Post community, please visit puppypost.co.uk

To book your free one-to-one business advice meeting visit www.theworkavenue.org.uk/meeting or email reception@theworkavenue.org.uk