Naomi – University graduate unsure what to do next

28th September 2020

Like many students, when Naomi Sinclair graduated from the University of Birmingham earlier this year, she was unsure of which career path she wanted to follow.

With a degree in business management, she had thought of a role in HR but wasn’t certain if she was suited to it or even if entry level jobs were available.

That’s when she contacted Work Avenue and was put in touch with one of the charity’s employment adviser’s Melanie Pearl.

Naomi said: “I lucked out with Work Avenue and Melanie – not only is she super helpful but she works in HR. She was able to give great advice, help me work out this was the career path I wanted to follow and reassure me that I would be able to find a job.

“Melanie looked at my CV and gave me tips on how to improve it, suggested various courses and webinars I could attend and, most importantly of all, is regularly in touch to see how I’m getting on and what support I need.”

Work Avenue helped Naomi get a voluntary role at the NSPCC as a first step into HR. She now has a temporary paid position with investor communications platform, Proxymity.

Naomi added: “After my first day at work, the first person who called was Melanie to see how I got on. I know Work Avenue will be there for me as I find my way in HR and then throughout my career.”