WAGE courses teach, inspire and build confidence as Liat explains…

12th July 2021

Liat had just begun a new job in March 2020 when the pandemic hit. Sadly, the business where Liat was working folded. In between jobs, and unsure what to do next, Liat approached Work Avenue after a friend on one of her Israelis-in-London Facebook groups recommended that she did so. Fast forward a few busy months, during which she joined the WAGE social enterprise courses in graphic design and digital marketing, Liat is refreshed with new skills and more confidence, as well as a clearer view regarding her next career choices. She explains how Work Avenue has helped her.

“Although I have an MBA and professional experience in project management at a large telecom company, I had taken a bit of a career break to raise my family. Plus, I was still a little shaken after losing my job. The timing of Covid made everything seem more uncertain and confusing. I knew I wanted to work, and I know where my talents lie, but I needed the chance to upskill.

“I had a one-to-one session with an employment adviser, who helped me with my CV. She also told me about WAGE. I joined the open evening. Here was a chance to learn new things with a group of like-minded, motivated and hard-working people! I was excited by the range of courses, and I immediately signed up for the digital marketing and graphic design courses, both of which were amazing. Despite the challenges of Zoom, the instructors were clear, supportive, helpful.

I have some nice ideas about what I want to do now, and just as importantly how I want to work in terms of balancing my family needs and commitments. I may start a new business producing photo albums, as I love doing that for my own family, or go back to work using my new creative skills. Either way, I know I can count on help from Work Avenue thanks to its supportive business and employment teams.”