Katie – job seeker who relocated from New Zealand

15th September 2020

Brit Katie was living in New Zealand when she decided it was time to relocate back to London. There was just one issue: finding a job in the UK’s very different market. She contacted Work Avenue, who helped her put together a new CV and apply for jobs even while 12,000 miles away.

Katie said: “While I was still in New Zealand, I had online appointments with Work Avenue. I would stay up through the night as Richard went through my CV with me to modify it for the UK jobs market.  Yael then helped me search and apply for roles.  Work Avenue were simply amazing in making my transition from New Zealand back to the UK seamless.”  Katie now works as Office Manager at ADL Fire & Security, a job she loves. Katie added: “Work Avenue made the shidduch between me and ADL. To be in a stable job that I really enjoy, especially in the current climate, is brilliant. It’s given me everything I need for myself and my family as we settle back into the wonderful London Jewish community.”

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