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Conservative Campaign Manager – Hendon

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Full time


Hendon & Conservative HQ





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Applications ongoing until suitable candidate appointed

Conservatives in Hendon are looking for a Campaign Manager.

Do you want to make a difference, helping to achieve big things for local communities, but without getting elected yourself? There are few people more important than our Campaign Managers. They run election campaigns and local issue campaigns. They lead teams of volunteers making a difference. And crucially, they help us win elections.

Hendon is a key target seat for the next election. We have recently selected a new candidate, Ameet Jogia, who works in Number 10 Downing Street.

What will you do as a Campaign Manager?

Every day is different — that is what makes the job interesting. But you can expect to:

  • Build relationships with elected representatives, including councillors and MPs
  • Create winning campaign teams made up of enthusiastic volunteers
  • Leading and building teams of volunteers on the ground
  • Exercise your creativity by producing leaflets and communications
  • Ensure Polling Day activities run smoothly
  • Support your candidates’ and elected representatives’ presence on social media
  • Develop a voter contact programme, speaking with people face and face and over the phone

You will be supported with on the job training every step of the way.

What skills do you need to be a Campaign Manager?

  • Are you a do-er and a planner?
  • Can you communicate with people from all types of background both face to face, and in writing?
  • Can you build good inter-personal relationships to both work in a team and also to motivate those around you?
  • Are you someone with great organisational skills – able to plan events and campaigns?
  • Do you believe in the Conservative Party’s values and aims?

If you answered yes to these questions, then please apply now.

Or if you are not sure whether you’ve got the skills, don’t rule yourself out. Send in your application and let us decide.

For more information and to be personally recommended for the role, please contact

Code: J-02

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