Jewish News Interview

31st October 2019

Leah Nevies and Benny Wagner have both used Work Avenue services, albeit in very different ways. A Jewish News reporter caught up with both of them to find out how their lives had changed.

JN Reporter: Benny, tell me about the business you now run.

Benny Wagner (BW): My first career was in the diamond trade, but when the industry changed a number of years ago, I suddenly had to reconsider how I was going to earn a living. I started a health and safety business, Risk Reports, helping organisations across the UK comply with legislative obligations in the workplace. I decided to rent a desk in the Wohl Enterprise Hub, the shared workspace powered by Work Avenue, as I needed a supportive environment to work in as there was so much to think about when starting a new business.

JN Reporter: And how did things develop for you?

BW: I got so much more than I bargained for when I joined WE Hub. There were Work Avenue business advisers on hand to consult with which was invaluable when starting out. I found myself surrounded by other entrepreneurs with such diverse businesses, and it was brilliant to be able to bounce ideas off them as they were going through similar issues to me. I also found the Work Avenue business networking events really helpful. Everything I needed as an entrepreneur really.

JN Reporter: And what did you approach Work Avenue for, Leah?

Leah Nevies (LN): I spotted a Work Avenue advert for a new programme called Empowering Women for Work, helping people like me who had not worked for a long time to re-enter
the workplace with confidence. I applied and to my surprise was offered a place. This 3 month programme was amazing. I, along with 11 other women, attended employability workshops, built my skills with computer training, had one to one employment consultations and practice interviews. The programme culminated with a one week period of work experience. I was so nervous going back into a real workplace after such a long time, but it gave me the confidence to believe I had what it took to get a job.

JN Reporter: And what are you doing now?

LN: Thanks to Empowering Women, my self-belief and confidence increased so much. I applied for a PA role and to my amazement I was offered it! I have already started and
I am loving it. I am learning new skills every day. There is no way I could even have thought of doing this before I came to Work Avenue.

JN Reporter: Benny and Leah, what does the future hold?

BW: My business is going so well. Renting the desk space at WE Hub was just the start of it. I now run a thriving business to support myself and my family. I could not have done this without Work Avenue.

LN: I could never have dreamt that I would be earning a living this time last year. The information, advice and guidance from Work Avenue was invaluable. If they helped me get a job, they could definitely help everyone else too.