COVID-19 Client Stories: Hannah Glass Private Catering

6th April 2020

Until March, Hannah had been catering private events in people’s homes.  Overnight, as COVID-19 restrictions were implemented, all of her bookings were cancelled, and she knew she had to act quickly.  Mother’s Day approached, and since people were no longer able to celebrate in person, she came up with the idea of delivering beautifully packaged cream teas instead.  Working day and night, she delivered seventy hampers around NW London.

This was a massive achievement for Hannah, and one she might not have had the confidence to do without talking to Head of Business Joanna Sadie.  She had a Zoom call with Joanna and they discussed her new business venture in detail, outlining ways she could market this new initiative.  Hannah left this meeting with a huge amount of confidence and innovative ways to promote herself.  Said Hannah: “I’m so proud of the way I turned around my situation, speaking to Joanna gave me the confidence to implement this. I’ve continued to run offerings through her as I find it a very useful sounding board’

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt everyone’s lives, Hannah is continuing to create original ways she can bring enjoyment to people through food.