Go Banana – the online marketplace for building supplies

12th February 2019

Name: Rami Naori

Name of company: Go Banana

Company website: www.go-banana.com

Type of business: Online Marketplace

Short business description: An online, one-stop-shop for tradesmen, where they can source all their building supplies.

How long has it been running: Since January 2016

Number of employees: 8

  1. How did you come up with your business concept?
    As a property developer, I saw a gap in the building supplies market. I did extensive research and realised there was no one stop shop that allows you to compare prices from different building material suppliers. By shopping online, I reached the conclusion that consumers can save up to 30% on these products. I invested my own money, and made my dream a reality.
  2. What is your background?
    I ran a Marketing and Communications agency for tech in Israel for 18 years. Prior to this I was a senior editor and writer. I also have a background in property developing both in Israel as well as in the UK.
  3. Professionally, what is your biggest achievement?
    My biggest achievement has been bringing together a wonderful team, starting with an amazing Co-Founder, Phoebe Bull, great developers and marketing team which has helped us a lot to grow. Last but not least we are fortunate to have very supportive private investors.
  4. What is your greatest challenge?
    Go Banana’s greatest challenges have been launching the platform and getting suppliers to sign up to something unknown and brand new, as well as attracting trade customers to buy with a limited marketing budget.
  5. Who is your typical customer?
    Anyone in the trade! We also attract property developers, quantity surveyors and interior designers.
  6. Where do you see your business in 2 years?
    We would like to of built our brand to be well-established in the UK building materials market, where all types of trade feel we are the most convenient place to shop online for their next project.
  7. Why the name Go Banana?
    Because Apple had already been taken! Most builders’ merchants have very similar and somewhat boring names. “Go Banana” is not easily forgotten and we want to create a fun and different brand that people will remember.
  8. What problem is your business solving?
    Go Banana allows tradesmen to compare building supplies from a vast number of suppliers all in one place, saving them time and money. Go Banana also helps small businesses expand their customer base by reaching customers online.
  9. How has Work Avenue supported your business?
    Work Avenue has helped in many ways. There’s a positive atmosphere here which suits the ups and downs of startup life and all the members are happy to help if you need advice. The management team are also available to offer their support when it’s needed.
  10. What are the benefits of working out if WE Hub?
    WE Hub offers a community where you can share ideas and advice with like minded people and there’s always someone available to ask for help or advice.



  1. Before spending money on marketing to acquire customers, it is important to spend money on improving customer experience
  2. Do not be afraid to say no
  3. Reach and out and listen to your customers. Their feedback is super valuable
  4. Always keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities
  5. Unknown milestones are waiting for you, try to learn from them