Coding Your Way into Work

13th March 2018

From a tentative start before the turn of the 21st century to a complete digital revolution over the last ten years, computers have completely changed the face of how we live, and no less so in the world of employment.

From the world of recruitment to every aspect of our working lives, the application of technology does not simply support our work, but actually dictates and drives our activities in the workplace too, offering the chance for organisations to both automate lower-skilled tasks as well as address more demanding projects in a cost and time-efficient manner.

With this in mind, Work Avenue, the employment and business support charity, has recognised an opportunity to exploit the innate talents and skills honed by those who may not have formal qualifications and experience but still have the logical thinking skills and ability to unpick a problem, and learn popular programming languages and real-world coding skills which address a market need.  Working in this field has the added benefit of being portable and flexible in terms of schedule and workplace, also important to day’s working world.

Work Avenue, has launched a course which will teach a number of these contemporary skills and programming languages, including Visual Studio and web development, Javascript, HTML and CSS, providing a springboard to interesting and productive employment.  Work Avenue has partnered with leading tech companies, who have not only been instrumental in shaping the course content but who will also advise students about how to progress in the industry and what IT firms are looking for when they recruit, and consider applications from successful graduates of the course.

However, having the technical skills to do a job is only half the battle when it comes to securing employment.  So as well as learning practical coding skills, course participants are also working with the Work Avenue professional and dedicated employment team, who will provide practical training and guidance to help them secure a job at the end of the course.  This training includes CV writing, interview techniques, job searching and network building, all of which are regularly offered to all job seekers from all walks of life.

Course delegate David Kahan, spoke really enthusiastically about the course.  “I wanted to gain knowledge and new skills for a programming career. This course is helping me build a portfolio to show employers and gain confidence without needing to attain formal qualifications. I am excited to see where this will lead me and to embark upon a new career.”  Tim Finch, Product Manager at Qube Global Software, added: “It has been great to engage with Work Avenue and support the development and implementation of this programme, helping a new cohort of coders develop their careers.”

Professional support is offered to all clients, whether they are enrolled on any of Work Avenue vocational training courses or not.  Work Avenue offers advice and assistance to young businesses as they grow and develop: monthly Huddles on such topics as driving sales, GDPR legislation or HR to name a few.  Guidance on employment procedures, one to one business advice, mentoring and access to start-up funds are also available.

For more information on the employment and business services that Work Avenue has to offer, or to book in a one-to-one careers guidance or business advice appointment, call 020 8371 3280 or email today.

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