5 reasons to have hope in the job hunt

12th February 2021

This is a very difficult time for so many in the Jewish community, especially when it comes to work and business.

Last week, the Governor of the Bank of England estimated that 2.2 million people in the UK are currently unemployed, a rate of 6.5%. Millions more are on furlough and fearing what may what happen when that scheme finally comes to an end.

However, there is help and there is hope. Here are five ways Work Avenue is supporting those looking for work right now:


1) There are jobs out there

It might not seem like it right now, but people are still hiring. Many businesses and organisations have been in a fortunate position to adapt and grow during the pandemic, while others continue with business as usual.

This means our jobs board is constantly changing with new roles being added every day, both part and full time.

If you’d like to take a look at some of the jobs that are out there visit our jobs board – www.theworkavenue.org.uk/employment/jobs-listings/


2) We can help you prepare

Often people come to Work Avenue who have been in one job or career so long that their CV hasn’t been updated for many years, if at all, and they are worried about interviews and the rigours of the application process in today’s world.

That’s where our team come in. We have a CV and interview skills workshops, which will help you create a contemporary and elegant CV and learn how to market yourself effectively with it.

Plus there are one-to-one sessions with our team of expert advisors, where you can really finesse your application and even arrange a mock interview.


3) Assistance with the high costs of training

We are delighted to be running The Richard Mintz Bursary Fund, set up in honour of our late trustee, which is allocating substantive grants members of the Jewish community who wish to undertake a vocational training course but cannot afford the cost.

Many are looking to train or retrain right now in order to change careers, enhance their earnings potential or gain the skills needed in today’s greatly changed work environment.

However the cost of courses range from £500 – £5,000, a price tag that can be unaffordable at the best of times, let alone in the midst of a huge financial squeeze.

Beneficiaries of the fund also receive full support from Work Avenue professional advisers as their training progresses to ensure their dreams and aspirations become a reality.

To find out more, and apply in confidence, please visit www.theworkavenue.org.uk/rmbf/


4) There are lots of free courses too

Work Avenue runs free workshops, courses and events throughout the year covering all aspects of employment and business and run by experts with many years of experience.

Over the next month our courses will include in-depth looks at the CV, networking, transferable skills, building confidence and using LinkedIn.

We also know how important mental health and balance are right now, so look out for our virtual Wellness at Work event taking place in February, with a diverse range of speakers to engage in a range of topics focusing on your well-being at this difficult time.


5) Knowing you are not alone

Whatever you are going through right now, it’s important to remember that you are not alone.

So many people are struggling during this pandemic, which is why charities like Work Avenue are here to support and guide you.

In the last year we supported over 1800 people with essential skills needed for today’s workplace, with 316 finding roles as a result of Work Avenue, despite the pandemic.