How to get a job in 2020: application and interview tips

30th January 2020

From By Lucy Clayton and Steven Haines The application process Filling in forms, doing online interviews, video interviews and tests is a slog. While it’s fun to think that maybe you could bypass an entire recruitment system by knitting a rug with the CEO’s dog’s face on it, honestly, your time is better spent researching, preparing and practising...

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Defining Your Second Career

27th November 2019

The issues and opportunities faced by people seeking job or career change mid-career are well known and widely documented.  They were actively confronted in our inaugural one day conference, Defining Your Second Career. This oversubscribed event was sponsored and hosted by pan-European institutional investor Patron Capital Partners, and Managing Director Keith Breslauer delivered a lively keynote...

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Jewish News Interview

31st October 2019

Leah Nevies and Benny Wagner have both used Work Avenue services, albeit in very different ways. A Jewish News reporter caught up with both of them to find out how their lives had changed. JN Reporter: Benny, tell me about the business you now run. Benny Wagner (BW): My first career was in the diamond trade, but...

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