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Communities Programmer (Families and Schools) - JW3

  • Location:
  • Sector: Not for Profit
  • Salary: £22,000 - £25,000
JW3 are looking for a Communities Programmer (Families and Schools) to join our vibrant Community Programming team, a vital part of the team of programmers here at JW3. This role is for a creative, dynamic individual with an ability to deliver an innovative and exciting programme for families and Primary Schools. Developing a primary schools offer in particular is a new area for JW3, so you’ll have the chance to shape a brand new area of programming in a state-of-the-art facility. You’ll need experience both working with schools and/or programming events for a family audience to succeed in this role, as well as being able to deliver, organise and manage a programme from conception to finish. If you’re proactive, and have great written and verbal communication skills as well as an eye for families programming, and knowledge of Jewish culture, then we’d love to speak to you about this role.

Overview and main purpose of role:
To  plan  and  run  a  range  of  year-round  programmes,  events  and  activities  aimed  at  family  audiences  and  primary  school  age  children  (including  after  school  activities);  plan  and  run  JW3  holiday  schemes  and  develop  relationships  with  primary  schools.Working  as  part  of  the  Community  Programming  Team  (and  within  the  wider  Programming  Team),  and  reporting  directly  to  the  Head  of  Community  Programming,  the  Families  Programmer  will  ensure  that  JW3’s  Families  and  Primary-age  Programme  as  well  as  JW3  holidays  schemes  are  attractive,  diverse,  and  of  the  highest  quality,  reflecting  the  centre’s  vision,  values  and  ambitions.  The  Families  Programmer  will  devise  and  implement  a  varied  and  dynamic  year-round  programme  of  events  and  activities  –including  every  Sunday  -for  a  wide  range  of  families  and  children  of  all  ages,  reflecting  key  Jewish  festivals  and  themes,  and  national  events  where  appropriate.

1.  Development,  Management  and  Delivery  of  Families  Programme:  
•Plan  and  deliver  a  year-round,  diverse  programme  of  events  and  activities  aimed  specifically  at  families,  primarily  on  Sundays,  and  also  at  other  times  including  but  not  limited  to  certain  Bank  Holidays.  These  willinclude  weekly  Sunday  afternoon  craft  sessions,  “Family  Fun  Sundays”,  family  activities  aimed  primarily  at  children  with  parental  accompaniment,  inter-generational  and  interfaith  activities  and  projects  aimed  at  the  whole  family;  high  quality  family  arts  events  includingmusic  and  theatre  events;  Jewish  festival  celebrations  and  other  opportunities  including  partnerships  with  external  organisations  (such  as  the  annual  Community  Fun  Run,  Limmud,  Chanukah  at  Brent  Cross,  etc).  
•Be  present  at  key/flagship  events  and  activities  including  presenting  and  facilitating  where  appropriate,  including  on  occasion,  outside  of  JW3’s  premises. •Ensure  that  thought  is  given  to  integrating  people  with  physical  and/or  learning  disabilitiesinto  our  activities  and/or  to  developing  specific  activities  and  events  suitable  for  disabled  people.
•Ensure  the  programme  ties  in  with  JW3’s  programme  of  Jewish  Festival  celebrations  and  other  themed  festivals,  and  that  all  events  to  be  in  the  context  of  the  overall  programme  that  reflects  the  Centre’s  vision,  values  and  ambition  as  a  Jewish  Community  Centre.  
2.  JW3  Holiday  Schemes(primary  school  age  5-11):  
•Be  responsible  for  the  development,  planning  and  successful  delivery  of  a  range  of  school  holiday  day  schemes  at  JW3  throughout  the  year,  including  Summer.Collaborate  with  the  Youth  Programmer  in  planning  for  schemes.
•Ensure  that  JW3  scheme  is  of  the  highest  quality  and  reflects  the  Centre’s  vision  and  mission.
•Manage  a  combination  of  paid  and/or  voluntary  play-scheme  workers  and  sessional  workers,  andco-ordinate  with  the  Youth  Programmer  who  manages  the  madrichim(JW3’s  youth  leaders,  who  play  a  major  role  in  running  scheme).
•Implement  effective  feedback  and  evaluation  processes  to  engage  participants  of  JW3  activities  and  improve  what  we  offer.
3.  After  School  Activities:  
•Be  responsible  for  planning  creative  weekly  classes  for  Primary  School  aged  children.  These  are  most  likely  to  be  regular,  rather  than  one-off  activities. •Research  the  local  offers  in  the  area  (through  parents’  focus  groups,  local  schools  and  service  providers)  in  order  to  design  an  attractive  offer  of  after  school  classes  and  courses  at  JW3  that  reflect  the  centre’s  mission  and  are  financially  viable.  
•Develop  partnerships  with  different  service  providers  who  can  offer  after  school  classes  and  courses  at  JW3.  
4.  Primary  schools  engagement:  
•Develop  relationships  with  primary  schools,  both  Jewish  schools  and  local  non-Jewish  schools,  witha  view  to  inviting  their  pupils  to  relevant  events  in  the  Centre.
•Develop a year-long  offer  for  schools  in  consultation  with  line-manager

1.Programme  Partners  and  Providers  

•Work  with  existing  partner  organisations,  implementing  and  managing  all  relevant  partnership  agreements.
•Identify  and  develop  appropriate  new  programme  partnerships  and  agreements.  
•Manage  the  relationships  with  existing  individual  ‘programme  providers’  (e.g.  speakers,  performers,  artists,  teachers,  etc).  and  identify  new  programme  providers  to  be  included  in  future  programming.  
2.  Financial  Management/Budgets  
•Produce  and  manage  budgetswithin  agreed  parametersfor  all  your  activities  and  events  in  a  timely  fashion,  including  tracking  the  actual  income  and  expenditure  and  producing  financial  event  reports  after  events  are  completed  
•Negotiate  financial  arrangements  with  Partners  and  Providers,  as  appropriate  and  within  the  guidelines  set  by  the  Programming  Director,  and  ensure  they  work  to  those  agreed  financial  parameters.  
•Where  possible,  identify  opportunities  for  external  programme  funding  and  work  with  the  Director  of  Programming  and  Director  of  Development  to  attract  external  funding  to  the  programme.  
3.  Audience  Development  and  Engagement  
•Work  with  the  wider  programming  team  to  build  appropriate  relationships  with  our  audiences  in  general  and  with  our  families  in  particular.  
•Promote  the  JW3  programme  to  our  existing  and  potential  audiences  and  seek  to  grow  their  loyalty  and  affiliation.  
•Support  the  Programme  Heads,  the  Director  of  Programming  and  the  marketing  team  in  devising  approaches  to  seeking  out  new  audiences.
4.Team  Work
•Be  an  active  part  of  the  Community  Programming  team  in  terms  of  its  responsibility  for  inputting  to  the  development  and  implementation  of  the  Community  Programming  Strategy.  Support  the  team  inlarge-scale  events,  such  as  Chanukah  candle  lightings,  or  Family  Friday  nights.
•Work  with  the  Head  of  Community  Programming,  the  other  Programme  Heads  and  relevant  lay  Programming  Committees  continually  to  develop  JW3’s  programming  vision,  and  ensure  appropriate  and  effective  articulation  of  this  vision  both  internally  and  to  the  wider  community.  
•Work  collaboratively  on  a  number  of  JW3  “cross-teamfestivals”  and  special  events  as  part  of  the  wider  Programming  Team.  •Work  closely  with  all  of  the  relevant  staff  and  departments  that  are  involved  in  delivering  programmes  and  events  and  provide  them  with  all  necessary  information  needed  in  a  timely  fashion.  This  includes  the  Building  Manager,  Housekeeping,  Security,  Zest  (our  in-house  restaurant  and  café),  the  Finance  Department,  the  Marketing  team,  the  Head  of  Box  Office  and  the  Head  of  Production.  
•Attend  and  participateinall  other  relevant  JW3  staff  meetings,team  meetings,supervisions,  training,  etc.  •Act  as  an  ambassador/point  of  contact  in  the  JW3  office  –answering  the  telephone,  welcoming  guests  as  needed.  
•Undertake  other  reasonable  duties  as  required  by  your  line  manager  or  member  of  the  Senior  Leadership  Team.  
5.  Additional  responsibilities
•Manage  any  freelance  staff  and  volunteers  who  are  involved  with  delivering  any  JW3  programmes  and  activities.  Draft  contracts  for  freelance  staff.•Ensure  that  activities,  and  those  delivering  them,  are  reported  on,  monitored  and  evaluated  effectively.  
•Ensure  that  all  activities  are  planned  and  delivered  in  a  timely  fashion  and  within  budget,  maximising  the  Centre’s  resources.  Use  and  account  forexisting  resources  efficiently.
•Risk  assess  activities  and  events  and  ensure  that  they  comply  with  any  relevant  JW3  policies,  e.g.  safeguarding,  health  and  safety  etc.

All  staff  must  wholeheartedly  buy  into  JW3’s  mission,  vision,  values  and  guiding  principles.  A  belief  in  the  importance  of  inclusivity  and  working  cross-communally,  and  a  commitment  to  high  quality  Jewish  engagement,  arts  and  culture,  and  community-building  is  critical.  
Essential  Skills,  Knowledge  and  Experience  
•Successful  track  record  of  delivering  relevant  family/schoolsprogramming  and  running  youth  schemes/play  schemes/  holiday  schemes.
•Experience  of  successfully  working  under  pressure,  with  multiple  demands  and  in  a  changing  environment.  
•Track  record  of  successful  management  of  budgets.  
•Experience  of  building,  developing  and  maintaining  effective  relationships  with  partner  organisations  and  individual  providers  (e.g.  educators,  workshop  facilitators,  etc).  
•A  commitment  to,  and  understanding  of,  the  needs  of  the  Jewish  community  and/or  Jewish  arts  and  culture.  
•Effective  team-working  and  collaboration  skills  -ability  to  work  with  team  of  staff  in  a  collaborative  way  in  an  environment  where  work  is  sharedin  order  to  meet  tight  deadlines.  
•Organisation  -developed planning  and  organising  skills  to  produce  operational  plans,  and  manage  multiple  projects  simultaneously.  
•IT  -high  level  of  competency,  including  demonstrable  effective  use  of  Word,  Excel  & Outlook.  
•Empathy  and  social  skills  -in  order  to  understand  the  perspective  of  others,  respond  to  needs  and  expectations  and  build  effective  working  relationships,  e.g.with  partner  organisations,  programme  providers,  colleagues  etc.  
•Influence  -effective  negotiating,  influencing  and  persuasion  skills  at  an  appropriate  level.  
•Communication  –excellent  verbal  and  written  communications  skills.  Able  to  build  networks,  articulate  the  vision  and  mission  of  JW3,  and  excel  in  communicating  with  the  public,  colleagues  and  stakeholders.  
•Self-direction  -ability  to  work  on  own  initiative  and  without  direction.  Ability  to  structure  own  time,  use  initiative,  prioritise  effectively  to  deliver  on  the  organisations’  key  goals.  
Desirable  Skills,  Knowledge  and  Experience  
•Experience  of  producing  educational  resources
•Experience  with  intergenerational  work.  
•Successful  event  management.  
•Knowledge  of  best  practice  with  regards  to  safeguarding  children  and  vulnerable  adults•Good  knowledge  and  understanding of  comparable  institutions,  programmes  or  projects  that  work  with  these  specific  target  groups,  and  an  understanding  of  best  practice  in  the  field  of  family and  schools programming. •A  record  of  developing  and  implementing  effective  strategic  plans  and  working  in  accordance  with  the  objectives,  timescales,  budget  and  evaluation  processes  of  an  organisation.  
•An  experience  of  working  with/managing  volunteers.  
•Experience  working  with  children,  young  people  and  adults  with  learning  and/or  physical  disabilities.  
Personal  Qualities  
•We  are  looking  for  someone  who:
•Is  outgoing  and  has  a  natural  ability  to  network  effectively  and  form  positive  relationships.  
•Is  articulate,  charismatic  and  dynamic  –including  with  children,  as  well  as  parents,  colleagues  and  partners.  
•Is  creative  -able  to  put  together  an  innovative  and  exciting  programme  for  families  
•Demonstrates  positive  leadership  qualities.  
•Is  resilient  in  a  fast-paced  environment such  as  a  venue.  
•Has  a  proactive  and  flexible  approach  to  work,  including  a  willingness  to  work  in  the  evenings,  weekends  and  Bank  Holidays  as  required–and  to  adapt  working  patterns  during  Holiday  Scheme  periods.
•Has  passion,  drive,  commitment  and  integrity. 

Part time, 4 days per week including Sundays
Please note that the successful candidate must be willing to undergo a DBS check

The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday 27th August and interviews will take place on Thursday 30th August 2018.