Introducing New Business Adviser: Alex Marks

29th November 2017

How have you found your first few weeks at Work Avenue?
Everything has been so exciting as well as challenging. I could not have asked to meet a more friendly and hardworking bunch of committed professionals. As a result I have settled into the work I do pretty much straight away and I love it.

Can you explain to us what you do?
I meet people with ideas who want to see if the idea can become a business and existing businesses that are hungry to develop.  They may be looking to increase market share or expand, maybe looking to hire staff or raise finance or discuss legal issues. It can be varied and not always typical.

Did your background in law influence you in deciding to become a Business Adviser?
Having a legal background definitely trained me to think in clear ways enabling me to offer a 360 degree perspective The move into the not for profit sector felt very natural as I get a huge positive charge from helping people and seeing their fledgling business develop in this supportive communal environment. There is a real chance to make a difference and that is energising.

What would you say is the best part of being a Business Adviser at Work Avenue?
Definitely having the chance to contribute to the terrific work of Work Avenue surrounded by likeminded people who really care, as well as meeting the widest range of people and businesses and listen to innovative and energising ideas.

What initial advice would you give to someone wishing to start their own business?
Bring a passion and determination for what you want to do. But it is not enough on its own. You must set yourself realistic goals that are achievable and do things step by step. You will need patience, a lot of it and be prepared for setbacks. Here at Work Avenue we have the depth of experience to guide you through what should be an incredible and rewarding journey for you.

If you would like to book a meeting with Alex please call 020 8371 3280 or email